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Mohamed Matougui
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Predictive Study of the Rare Earth Double Perovskite Oxide Ba2ErReO6 and the Influence of the Hubbard Parameter U on its Half-Metallicity
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Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism 34 (11), 2893-2903, 2021
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Insight into Structural, Electronic, Magnetic, and Elastic Properties of Full-Heusler Alloys Co2YPb (Y = Ti, V, Fe, and Mo): Ab Initio Study
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A DFT study of new full Heusler compound Li2MgC insights into the structural, electronic and thermoelectric properties: A high efficiency performance thermoelectric material
M Matougui, S Benatmane, B Bouadjemi, M Houari, S Mesbah, T Lantri, ...
Chemical Physics Letters 814, 140352, 2023
Electronic structure, mechanical and thermoelectric properties of the full Heusler Ba2AgZ (Z = Bi, Sb) alloys: insights from DFT study
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Structural, optoelectronic, thermodynamic and thermoelectric properties of double half Heusler (DHH) Ti2FeNiSb2 and Ti2Ni2InSb compounds: A TB-mBJ study
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Chinese Journal of Physics 85, 508-523, 2023
Hubbard's parameter influence on Ba2GdReO6 properties, a promising ferromagnetic double Pérovskite oxide for thermoelectric applications
YB Idriss, B Bouadjemi, M Matougui, M Houari, T Lantri, S Haid, S Bentata
Revista Mexicana de Física 69 (5 Sep-Oct), 051006 1–11-051006 1–11, 2023
Exploring the Physical and Optoelectronic Properties of Co 2 ZrZ Compounds: Insights from Computational Analysis and Thermoelectric Characterization
M Houari, S Mesbah, T Lantri, B Bouadjemi, A Boucherdoud, A Khatar, ...
Predictive study of the new double Half-Heusler compounds Hf2FeNiSb2, Nb2Co2GaSb and ScNbCo2Sb2, promising candidates for thermoelectric applications
M Mekhtiche, M Matougui, M Houari, B Bouadjemi, T Lantri, M Boudjelal, ...
Indian Journal of Physics, 1-9, 2024
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