Joe E. Baio
Joe E. Baio
Bioengineering, Oregon State University
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Multifunctionality and mechanical origins: ballistic jaw propulsion in trap-jaw ants
SN Patek, JE Baio, BL Fisher, AV Suarez
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 103 (34), 12787-12792, 2006
Amine terminated SAMs: Investigating why oxygen is present in these films
JE Baio, T Weidner, J Brison, DJ Graham, LJ Gamble, DG Castner
Journal of electron spectroscopy and related phenomena 172 (1-3), 2-8, 2009
Linkage mechanics and power amplification of the mantis shrimp's strike
SN Patek, BN Nowroozi, JE Baio, RL Caldwell, AP Summers
Journal of Experimental Biology 210 (20), 3677-3688, 2007
Probing the orientation of surface-immobilized protein G B1 using ToF-SIMS, sum frequency generation, and NEXAFS spectroscopy
L Baugh, T Weidner, JE Baio, PCT Nguyen, LJ Gamble, PS Stayton, ...
Langmuir 26 (21), 16434-16441, 2010
Simultaneous Modification of Bottom‐Contact Electrode and Dielectric Surfaces for Organic Thin‐Film Transistors Through Single‐Component Spin‐Cast Monolayers
O Acton, M Dubey, T Weidner, KM O’Malley, TW Kim, GG Ting, D Hutchins, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 21 (8), 1476-1488, 2011
Effects of self-assembled monolayer structural order, surface homogeneity and surface energy on pentacene morphology and thin film transistor device performance
DO Hutchins, T Weidner, J Baio, B Polishak, O Acton, N Cernetic, H Ma, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 1 (1), 101-113, 2013
NHC-based self-assembled monolayers on solid gold substrates
T Weidner, JE Baio, A Mundstock, C Große, S Karthäuser, C Bruhn, ...
Australian journal of chemistry 64 (8), 1177-1179, 2011
Probing the orientation of electrostatically immobilized protein G B1 by time-of-flight secondary ion spectrometry, sum frequency generation, and near-edge X-ray adsorption …
JE Baio, T Weidner, L Baugh, LJ Gamble, PS Stayton, DG Castner
Langmuir 28 (4), 2107-2112, 2012
Diatom mimics: directing the formation of biosilica nanoparticles by controlled folding of lysine-leucine peptides
JE Baio, A Zane, V Jaeger, AM Roehrich, H Lutz, J Pfaendtner, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (43), 15134-15137, 2014
Direct observation of phenylalanine orientations in statherin bound to hydroxyapatite surfaces
T Weidner, M Dubey, NF Breen, J Ash, JE Baio, C Jaye, DA Fischer, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (21), 8750-8753, 2012
Hexadecadienyl monolayers on hydrogen-terminated Si (111): faster monolayer formation and improved surface coverage using the enyne moiety
B Rijksen, SP Pujari, L Scheres, CJM van Rijn, JE Baio, T Weidner, ...
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Spin cast self-assembled monolayer field effect transistors
DO Hutchins, O Acton, T Weidner, N Cernetic, JE Baio, G Ting, ...
Organic Electronics 13 (3), 464-468, 2012
Covalently attached organic monolayers onto silicon carbide from 1-alkynes: molecular structure and tribological properties
SP Pujari, L Scheres, T Weidner, JE Baio, MA Cohen Stuart, CJM van Rijn, ...
Langmuir 29 (12), 4019-4031, 2013
Probing orientation of immobilized humanized anti‐lysozyme variable fragment by time‐of‐flight secondary‐ion mass spectrometry
JE Baio, F Cheng, DM Ratner, PS Stayton, DG Castner
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A 97 (1), 1-7, 2011
Characterization of poly (sodium styrene sulfonate) thin films grafted from functionalized titanium surfaces
G Zorn, JE Baio, T Weidner, V Migonney, DG Castner
Langmuir 27 (21), 13104-13112, 2011
The acoustic mechanics of stick–slip friction in the California spiny lobster (Panulirus interruptus)
SN Patek, JE Baio
Journal of Experimental Biology 210 (20), 3538-3546, 2007
Zwitterionic dithiocarboxylates derived from N-heterocyclic carbenes: coordination to gold surfaces
U Siemeling, H Memczak, C Bruhn, F Vogel, F Träger, JE Baio, T Weidner
Dalton Transactions 41 (10), 2986-2994, 2012
Multitechnique characterization of adsorbed peptide and protein orientation: and Protein G B1
JE Baio, T Weidner, NT Samuel, K McCrea, L Baugh, PS Stayton, ...
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, Nanotechnology and …, 2010
Phthalocyaninato complexes with peripheral alkylthio chains: Disk-like adsorbate species for the vertical anchoring of ligands onto gold surfaces
U Siemeling, C Schirrmacher, U Glebe, C Bruhn, JE Baio, L Árnadóttir, ...
Inorganica chimica acta 374 (1), 302-312, 2011
Multiscale effects of interfacial polymer confinement in silica nanocomposites
HS Varol, MA Sánchez, H Lu, JE Baio, C Malm, N Encinas, ...
Macromolecules 48 (21), 7929-7937, 2015
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