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Identification of an SCF ubiquitin–ligase complex required for auxin response in Arabidopsis thaliana
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A type 5 acid phosphatase gene from Arabidopsis thaliana is induced by phosphate starvation and by some other types of phosphate mobilising/oxidative stress conditions
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Arabidopsis E2Fc Functions in Cell Division and Is Degraded by the Ubiquitin-SCFAtSKP2 Pathway in Response to Light
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AXR1-ECR1–dependent conjugation of RUB1 to the Arabidopsis cullin AtCUL1 is required for auxin response
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Keeping cell identity in Arabidopsis requires PRC1 RING-finger homologs that catalyze H2A monoubiquitination
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The balance between cell division and endoreplication depends on E2FC-DPB, transcription factors regulated by the ubiquitin-SCFSKP2A pathway in Arabidopsis
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Hormonal control of the plant cell cycle
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The Arabidopsis cullin AtCUL1 is modified by the ubiquitin-related protein RUB1
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Arabidopsis AXR6 encodes CUL1 implicating SCF E3 ligases in auxin regulation of embryogenesis
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F-box proteins and protein degradation: an emerging theme in cellular regulation
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INCURVATA2 encodes the catalytic subunit of DNA polymerase α and interacts with genes involved in chromatin-mediated cellular memory in Arabidopsis thaliana
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A bacterial cysteine protease effector protein interferes with photosynthesis to suppress plant innate immune responses
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