Björn Stelbrink
Björn Stelbrink
Systematics & Biodiversity Lab, Justus Liebig University Giessen
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Borneo and Indochina are major evolutionary hotspots for Southeast Asian biodiversity
M de Bruyn, B Stelbrink, RJ Morley, R Hall, GR Carvalho, CH Cannon, ...
Systematic Biology 63, 879-901, 2014
The biogeography of Sulawesi revisited: is there evidence for a vicariant origin of taxa on Wallace's “anomalous island”?
B Stelbrink, C Albrecht, R Hall, T von Rintelen
Evolution 66, 2252-2271, 2012
Paleo-drainage basin connectivity predicts evolutionary relationships across three Southeast Asian biodiversity hotspots
M de Bruyn, L Rüber, S Nylinder, B Stelbrink, NR Lovejoy, S Lavoué, ...
Systematic Biology 62, 398-410, 2013
Molecular systematics and global phylogeography of angel sharks (genus Squatina)
B Stelbrink, T von Rintelen, G Cliff, J Kriwet
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 54, 395-404, 2010
Mediterranean winter rainfall in phase with African monsoons during the past 1.36 million years
B Wagner, H Vogel, A Francke, T Friedrich, T Donders, JH Lacey, ...
Nature 573 (7773), 256-260, 2019
Drawn to the dark side: a molecular phylogeny of freshwater shrimps (Crustacea: Decapoda: Caridea: Atyidae) reveals frequent cave invasions and challenges current taxonomic …
K von Rintelen, TJ Page, Y Cai, K Roe, B Stelbrink, BR Kuhajda, TM Iliffe, ...
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 63, 82-96, 2012
Founder effects initiated rapid species radiation in Hawaiian cave planthoppers
A Wessel, H Hoch, M Asche, T von Rintelen, B Stelbrink, V Heck, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 110, 9391-9396, 2013
The environmental and evolutionary history of Lake Ohrid (FYROM/Albania): interim results from the SCOPSCO deep drilling project
B Wagner, T Wilke, A Francke, C Albrecht, H Baumgarten, A Bertini, ...
Biogeosciences 14, 2033-2054, 2017
A snail perspective on the biogeography of Sulawesi, Indonesia: origin and intra-island dispersal of the viviparous freshwater gastropod Tylomelania
T von Rintelen, B Stelbrink, RM Marwoto, M Glaubrecht
PLoS ONE 9, e98917, 2014
Constant diversification rates of endemic gastropods in ancient Lake Ohrid: ecosystem resilience likely buffers environmental fluctuations
K Föller, B Stelbrink, T Hauffe, C Albrecht, T Wilke
Biogeosciences 12, 7209-7222, 2015
Scientific drilling projects in ancient lakes: Integrating geological and biological histories
T Wilke, B Wagner, B Van Bocxlaer, C Albrecht, D Ariztegui, D Delicado, ...
Global and Planetary Change 143, 118-151, 2016
Conquest of the deep, old and cold: an exceptional limpet radiation in Lake Baikal
B Stelbrink, AA Shirokaya, C Clewing, TY Sitnikova, LA Prozorova, ...
Biology Letters 11, 20150321, 2015
Age estimates for an adaptive lake fish radiation, its mitochondrial introgression, and an unexpected sister group: Sailfin silversides of the Malili Lakes system in Sulawesi
B Stelbrink, I Stöger, RK Hadiaty, UK Schliewen, F Herder
BMC Evolutionary Biology 14, 94, 2014
Global diversification dynamics since the Jurassic: low dispersal and habitat-dependent evolution explain hotspots of diversity and shell disparity in River Snails (Viviparidae)
B Stelbrink, R Richter, F Köhler, F Riedel, EE Strong, B Van Bocxlaer, ...
Systematic Biology, 2020
Origin and diversification of Lake Ohrid’s endemic acroloxid limpets: the role of geography and ecology
B Stelbrink, AA Shirokaya, K Föller, T Wilke, C Albrecht
BMC Evolutionary Biology 16, 273, 2016
Time and space in biogeography: response to Parenti & Ebach (2013)
M de Bruyn, B Stelbrink, TJ Page, MJ Phillips, DJ Lohman, C Albrecht, ...
Journal of Biogeography 40, 2204-2206, 2013
Cobitis illyrica, a new species of loach from Croatia (Teleostei: Cobitidae)
J Freyhof, B Stelbrink
Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters 18, 269, 2007
Evolutionary bottlenecks in brackish water habitats drive the colonization of fresh water by stingrays
KN Kirchhoff, T Hauffe, B Stelbrink, C Albrecht, T Wilke
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 30, 1576-1591, 2017
Recent range expansion of an intermediate host for animal schistosome parasites in the Indo-Australian Archipelago: phylogeography of the freshwater gastropod Indoplanorbis …
P Gauffre-Autelin, T von Rintelen, B Stelbrink, C Albrecht
Parasites & Vectors 10, 126, 2017
Diatoms do radiate: evidence for a freshwater species flock
B Stelbrink, E Jovanovska, Z Levkov, N Ognjanova-Rumenova, T Wilke, ...
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 31, 1969-1975, 2018
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