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A unifying model for Neoproterozoic–Palaeozoic exceptional fossil preservation through pyritization and carbonaceous compression
JD Schiffbauer, S Xiao, Y Cai, AF Wallace, H Hua, J Hunter, H Xu, Y Peng, ...
Nature communications 5 (1), 5754, 2014
Preservational modes in the Ediacaran Gaojiashan Lagerstätte: pyritization, aluminosilicification, and carbonaceous compression
Y Cai, JD Schiffbauer, H Hua, S Xiao
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 326, 109-117, 2012
The latest Ediacaran wormworld fauna: setting the ecological stage for the Cambrian explosion
JD Schiffbauer, JW Huntley, GR O’Neil, SAF Darroch, M Laflamme, Y Cai
GSA Today 26 (11), 4-11, 2016
Taphonomy of the upper Ediacaran enigmatic ribbonlike fossil Shaanxilithes
M Meyer, JD Schiffbauer, S Xiao, Y Cai, H Hua
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Biostratinomy of the late Ediacaran pyritized Gaojiashan lagerstatte from southern Shaanxi, south China: importance of event deposits
Y Cai, H Hua, S Xiao, JD Schiffbauer, P Li
Palaios 25 (8), 487-506, 2010
Environmental context for the terminal Ediacaran biomineralization of animals
H Cui, AJ Kaufman, S Xiao, S Peek, H Cao, X Min, Y Cai, Z Siegel, XM Liu, ...
Geobiology 14 (4), 344-363, 2016
Diverse biomineralizing animals in the terminal Ediacaran Period herald the Cambrian explosion
Y Cai, S Xiao, G Li, H Hua
Geology 47 (4), 380-384, 2019
Morphology and paleoecology of the late Ediacaran tubular fossil Conotubus hemiannulatus from the Gaojiashan Lagerstätte of southern Shaanxi Province, South China
Y Cai, JD Schiffbauer, H Hua, S Xiao
Precambrian Research 191 (1-2), 46-57, 2011
Tube growth patterns and microbial mat-related lifestyles in the Ediacaran fossil Cloudina, Gaojiashan Lagerstätte, South China
Y Cai, H Hua, JD Schiffbauer, B Sun, X Yuan
Gondwana Research 25 (3), 1008-1018, 2014
Sedimentology and chemostratigraphy of the terminal Ediacaran Dengying Formation at the Gaojiashan section, South China
H Cui, S Xiao, Y Cai, S Peek, RE Plummer, AJ Kaufman
Geological Magazine 156 (11), 1924-1948, 2019
New material of the biomineralizing tubular fossil Sinotubulites from the late Ediacaran Dengying Formation, South China
Y Cai, S Xiao, H Hua, X Yuan
Precambrian Research 261, 12-24, 2015
Discovery of bilaterian-type through-guts in cloudinomorphs from the terminal Ediacaran Period
JD Schiffbauer, T Selly, SM Jacquet, RA Merz, LL Nelson, MA Strange, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 205, 2020
Life history and autecology of an Ediacaran index fossil: Development and dispersal of Cloudina
I Cortijo, Y Cai, H Hua, JD Schiffbauer, S Xiao
Gondwana Research 28 (1), 419-424, 2015
Taxonomy of the late Ediacaran index fossil Cloudina and a new similar taxon from South China
Y Cai, I Cortijo, JD Schiffbauer, H Hua
Precambrian Research 298, 146-156, 2017
Tube construction and life mode of the late Ediacaran tubular fossil Gaojiashania cyclus from the Gaojiashan Lagerstätte
Y Cai, H Hua, X Zhang
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A new cloudinid fossil assemblage from the terminal Ediacaran of Nevada, USA
T Selly, JD Schiffbauer, SM Jacquet, EF Smith, LL Nelson, BD Andreasen, ...
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Pyritization in the Gaojiashan biota
YP Cai, H Hua
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The earliest foraminifera from southern Shaanxi, China
H Hua, Z Chen, XL Yuan, SH Xiao, YP Cai
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A Cloudina-like fossil with evidence of asexual reproduction from the lowest Cambrian, South China
J Han, Y Cai, JD Schiffbauer, H Hua, X Wang, X Yang, K Uesugi, ...
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Discussion of ‘First finds of problematic Ediacaran fossil Gaojiashania in Siberia and its origin’
Y Cai, H Hua, AY Zhuravlev, JA Gámez Vintaned, AY Ivantsov
Geological Magazine 148 (2), 329-333, 2011
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