Hermann J. Heipieper
Hermann J. Heipieper
Group head Microbial Adaptation and Contaminant Degradation, Department Environment Biotechnology
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Mechanisms of resistance of whole cells to toxic organic solvents
HJ Heipieper, FJ Weber, J Sikkema, H Keweloh, JAM de Bont
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Trans unsaturated fatty acids in bacteria
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Biodegradation of diesel/biodiesel blends by a consortium of hydrocarbon degraders: effect of the type of blend and the addition of biosurfactants
M Owsianiak, Ł Chrzanowski, A Szulc, J Staniewski, A Olszanowski, ...
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Bacterial metabolism of environmental arsenic—mechanisms and biotechnological applications
MC Kruger, PN Bertin, HJ Heipieper, F Arsène-Ploetze
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Cells of Pseudomonas putida and Enterobacter sp. adapt to toxic organic compounds by increasing their size
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CCCR de Carvalho, LY Wick, HJ Heipieper
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Effect of aliphatic alcohols on growth and degree of saturation of membrane lipids in Acinetobacter calcoaceticus
N Kabelitz, PM Santos, HJ Heipieper
FEMS microbiology letters 220 (2), 223-227, 2003
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