Camila C. Ribas
Camila C. Ribas
Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia & American Museum of Natural History
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Damming the rivers of the Amazon basin
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Phylogeny and comparative phylogeography of Sclerurus (Aves: Furnariidae) reveal constant and cryptic diversification in an old radiation of rain forest understorey …
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Habitat association predicts genetic diversity and population divergence in Amazonian birds
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Acceso 12, 2020, 2020
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Molecular systematics in Aratinga parakeets: species limits and historical biogeography in the ‘solstitialis’ group, and the systematic position of Nandayus nenday
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Combining phylogeography and landscape genetics of Xenopipo atronitens (Aves: Pipridae), a white sand campina specialist, to understand Pleistocene …
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Quaternary climate changes as speciation drivers in the Amazon floodplains
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Phenotypic and genetic structure support gene flow generating gene tree discordances in an Amazonian floodplain endemic species
G Thom, FRD Amaral, MJ Hickerson, A Aleixo, LE Araujo-Silva, CC Ribas, ...
Systematic Biology 67 (4), 700-718, 2018
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