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Human breast cancer invasion and aggression correlates with ECM stiffening and immune cell infiltration
I Acerbi, L Cassereau, I Dean, Q Shi, A Au, C Park, YY Chen, J Liphardt, ...
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Vinculin potentiates E-cadherin mechanosensing and is recruited to actin-anchored sites within adherens junctions in a myosin II–dependent manner
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Genome-wide programmable transcriptional memory by CRISPR-based epigenome editing
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Rapid disorganization of mechanically interacting systems of mammary acini
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Discovery and functional interrogation of SARS-CoV-2 RNA-host protein interactions
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Biophysical properties of cadherin bonds do not predict cell sorting
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Cadherin-dependent mechanotransduction depends on ligand identity but not affinity
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ecDNA hubs drive cooperative intermolecular oncogene expression
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B cell-specific XIST complex enforces X-inactivation and restrains atypical B cells
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Stiff stroma increases breast cancer risk by inducing the oncogene ZNF217
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Allosteric cross talk between cadherin extracellular domains
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Cadherin point mutations alter cell sorting and modulate GTPase signaling
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A fluorogenic array for temporally unlimited single-molecule tracking
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Satb1 integrates DNA binding site geometry and torsional stress to differentially target nucleosome-dense regions
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Spen links RNA-mediated endogenous retrovirus silencing and X chromosome inactivation
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Genome-wide CRISPR screens of T cell exhaustion identify chromatin remodeling factors that limit T cell persistence
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Concerted localization-resets precede YAP-dependent transcription
JM Franklin, RP Ghosh, Q Shi, MP Reddick, JT Liphardt
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Spatiotemporal co-dependency between macrophages and exhausted CD8+ T cells in cancer
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A human mutation in STAT3 promotes type 1 diabetes through a defect in CD8+ T cell tolerance
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Atomic force microscopy measurements reveal multiple bonds between Helicobacter pylori blood group antigen binding adhesin and Lewis b ligand
P Parreira, Q Shi, A Magalhaes, CA Reis, J Bugaytsova, T Borén, ...
Journal of The Royal Society Interface 11 (101), 20141040, 2014
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