Sriswaroop Dasari
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Discontinuous precipitation leading to nano-rod intermetallic precipitates in an Al0. 2Ti0. 3Co1. 5CrFeNi1. 5 high entropy alloy results in an excellent strength-ductility …
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α Phase Growth and Branching in Titanium Alloys
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Deformation Twinning in a Metal-Intermetallic System: Novel Paradigm for Designing Alloys with Exceptional Strength-Ductility Combination
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Ordering Effects on Deformation Substructures and Strain Hardening Behavior of a CrCoNi Based Medium Entropy Alloy
J Miao, C Slone, S Dasari, R Banerjee, EP George, MJ Mills
Available at SSRN 3655861, 0
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