Mingshan Xue (薛名杉)
Mingshan Xue (薛名杉)
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Inhibition of inhibition in visual cortex: the logic of connections between molecularly distinct interneurons
CK Pfeffer, M Xue, M He, ZJ Huang, M Scanziani
Nature neuroscience 16 (8), 1068-1076, 2013
Dysfunction in GABA signalling mediates autism-like stereotypies and Rett syndrome phenotypes
HT Chao, H Chen, RC Samaco, M Xue, M Chahrour, J Yoo, JL Neul, ...
Nature 468 (7321), 263-269, 2010
Equalizing excitation–inhibition ratios across visual cortical neurons
M Xue, BV Atallah, M Scanziani
Nature 511 (7511), 596-600, 2014
Drosophila Spastin Regulates Synaptic Microtubule Networks and Is Required for Normal Motor Function
NT Sherwood, Q Sun, M Xue, B Zhang, K Zinn
PLoS biology 2 (12), e429, 2004
Distinct domains of complexin I differentially regulate neurotransmitter release
M Xue, K Reim, X Chen, HT Chao, H Deng, J Rizo, N Brose, ...
Nature structural & molecular biology 14 (10), 949-958, 2007
Quantitative real-time imaging of glutathione
X Jiang, J Chen, A Bajić, C Zhang, X Song, SL Carroll, ZL Cai, M Tang, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 16087, 2017
Structurally and functionally unique complexins at retinal ribbon synapses
K Reim, H Wegmeyer, JH Brandstätter, M Xue, C Rosenmund, ...
The Journal of cell biology 169 (4), 669-680, 2005
Binding of the complexin N terminus to the SNARE complex potentiates synaptic-vesicle fusogenicity
M Xue, TK Craig, J Xu, HT Chao, J Rizo, C Rosenmund
Nature structural & molecular biology 17 (5), 568-575, 2010
The Janus-faced nature of the C 2 B domain is fundamental for synaptotagmin-1 function
M Xue, C Ma, TK Craig, C Rosenmund, J Rizo
Nature structural & molecular biology 15 (11), 1160-1168, 2008
Complexins facilitate neurotransmitter release at excitatory and inhibitory synapses in mammalian central nervous system
M Xue, A Stradomska, H Chen, N Brose, W Zhang, C Rosenmund, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (22), 7875-7880, 2008
Tilting the balance between facilitatory and inhibitory functions of mammalian and Drosophila Complexins orchestrates synaptic vesicle exocytosis
M Xue, YQ Lin, H Pan, K Reim, H Deng, HJ Bellen, C Rosenmund
Neuron 64 (3), 367-380, 2009
Retrograde Gbb signaling through the Bmp type 2 receptor Wishful Thinking regulates systemic FMRFa expression in Drosophila
G Marqués, TE Haerry, ML Crotty, M Xue, B Zhang, MB O'Connor
Oxford University Press for The Company of Biologists Limited 130 (22), 5457 …, 2003
Manipulations of MeCP2 in glutamatergic neurons highlight their contributions to Rett and other neurological disorders
X Meng, W Wang, H Lu, L He, W Chen, ES Chao, ML Fiorotto, B Tang, ...
Elife 5, e14199, 2016
Targeting light-gated chloride channels to neuronal somatodendritic domain reduces their excitatory effect in the axon
JE Messier, H Chen, ZL Cai, M Xue
eLife 7, e38506, 2018
Otud7a Knockout Mice Recapitulate Many Neurological Features of 15q13.3 Microdeletion Syndrome
J Yin, W Chen, ES Chao, S Soriano, L Wang, W Wang, SE Cummock, ...
The American Journal of Human Genetics 102 (2), 296-308, 2018
Kalium channelrhodopsins are natural light-gated potassium channels that mediate optogenetic inhibition
EG Govorunova, Y Gou, OA Sineshchekov, H Li, X Lu, Y Wang, LS Brown, ...
Nature Neuroscience 25 (7), 967-974, 2022
Profound and redundant functions of arcuate neurons in obesity development
C Zhu, Z Jiang, Y Xu, ZL Cai, Q Jiang, Y Xu, M Xue, BR Arenkiel, Q Wu, ...
Nature metabolism 2 (8), 763-774, 2020
Respiratory Network Stability and Modulatory Response to Substance P Require Nalcn
SY Yeh, WH Huang, W Wang, CS Ward, ES Chao, Z Wu, B Tang, J Tang, ...
Neuron 94 (2), 294-303. e4, 2017
Stxbp1/Munc18-1 haploinsufficiency impairs inhibition and mediates key neurological features of STXBP1 encephalopathy
W Chen, ZL Cai, ES Chao, H Chen, CM Longley, S Hao, HT Chao, ...
Elife 9, e48705, 2020
Chrna7 deficient mice manifest no consistent neuropsychiatric and behavioral phenotypes
J Yin, W Chen, H Yang, M Xue, CP Schaaf
Scientific reports 7 (1), 39941, 2017
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