Paul A. Bingham
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Fiberglass and glass technology
FT Wallenberger, PA Bingham
Energy-Friendly Compositions And Applications, 2010
Effects of modifier additions on the thermal properties, chemical durability, oxidation state and structure of iron phosphate glasses
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Soft Chemical Control of Superconductivity in Lithium Iron Selenide Hydroxides Li1–xFex(OH)Fe1–ySe
H Sun, DN Woodruff, SJ Cassidy, GM Allcroft, SJ Sedlmaier, ...
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Fabrication of CdS/CdTe-based thin film solar cells using an electrochemical technique
IM Dharmadasa, PA Bingham, OK Echendu, HI Salim, T Druffel, ...
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Vitrification of toxic wastes: a brief review
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PA Bingham, RJ Hand
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PVP surfactant-modified flower-like BiOBr with tunable bandgap structure for efficient photocatalytic decontamination of pollutants
B Zhang, M Zhang, L Zhang, PA Bingham, W Li, S Kubuki
Applied Surface Science 530, 147233, 2020
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Solid state sciences 10 (9), 1194-1199, 2008
Structure and properties of iron borophosphate glasses
PA Bingham, RJ Hand, SD Forder, A Lavaysierre, F Deloffre, SH Kilcoyne, ...
Physics and Chemistry of Glasses-European Journal of Glass Science and …, 2006
A new method to inertize incinerator toxic fly ash with silica from rice husk ash
A Bosio, N Rodella, A Gianoncelli, A Zacco, L Borgese, LE Depero, ...
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Corrosion of glass contact refractories for the vitrification of radioactive wastes: a review
PA Bingham, AJ Connelly, NC Hyatt, RJ Hand
International Materials Reviews 56 (4), 226-242, 2011
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