Schröder, Daniel
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Interfacial processes and influence of composite cathode microstructure controlling the performance of all-solid-state lithium batteries
W Zhang, DA Weber, H Weigand, T Arlt, I Manke, D Schröder, R Koerver, ...
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2017
(Electro)chemical Expansion during Cycling: Monitoring the Pressure Changes in Operating Solid-State Lithium Batteries
W Zhang, D Schröder, T Arlt, I Manke, R Koerver, R Pinedo, DA Weber, ...
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Design Strategies to Enable the Efficient Use of Sodium Metal Anodes in High‐Energy Batteries
B Sun, P Xiong, U Maitra, D Langsdorf, K Yan, C Wang, J Janek, ...
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In Situ Monitoring of Fast Li-Ion Conductor Li7P3S11 Crystallization Inside a Hot-Press Setup
MR Busche, DA Weber, Y Schneider, C Dietrich, S Wenzel, T Leichtweiss, ...
Chemistry of Materials 28 (17), 6152-6165, 2016
How To Improve Capacity and Cycling Stability for Next Generation Li–O2 Batteries: Approach with a Solid Electrolyte and Elevated Redox Mediator Concentrations
BJ Bergner, MR Busche, R Pinedo, BB Berkes, D Schröder, J Janek
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (12), 7756-7765, 2016
Benchmarking Anode Concepts: The Future of Electrically Rechargeable Zinc–Air Batteries
D Stock, S Dongmo, J Janek, D Schröder
ACS Energy Letters, 2019
One‐or Two‐Electron Transfer? The Ambiguous Nature of the Discharge Products in Sodium–Oxygen Batteries
CL Bender, D Schröder, R Pinedo, P Adelhelm, J Janek
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From liquid-to solid-state batteries: ion transfer kinetics of heteroionic interfaces
M Weiss, FJ Simon, MR Busche, T Nakamura, D Schröder, FH Richter, ...
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Understanding the Fundamentals of Redox Mediators in Li-O2 Batteries: A Case Study on Nitroxides
B Bergner, C Hofmann, A Schürmann, D Schröder, K Peppler, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015
A mechanistic investigation of the Li10GeP2S12| LiNi1-x-yCoxMnyO2 interface stability in all-solid-state lithium batteries
TT Zuo, R Rueß, R Pan, F Walther, M Rohnke, S Hori, R Kanno, ...
Nature communications 12 (1), 1-10, 2021
Insights into the Chemical Nature and Formation Mechanisms of Discharge Products in Na–O2 Batteries by Means of Operando X-ray Diffraction
R Pinedo, DA Weber, B Bergner, D Schröder, P Adelhelm, J Janek
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Simulating the Impact of Particle Size Distribution on the Performance of Graphite Electrodes in Lithium-Ion Batteries
F Röder, S Sonntag, D Schröder, U Krewer
Energy Technology, 2016
Towards zinc-oxygen batteries with enhanced cycling stability: The benefit of anion-exchange ionomer for zinc sponge anodes
D Stock, S Dongmo, K Miyazaki, T Abe, J Janek, D Schröder
Journal of Power Sources 395, 195-204, 2018
In operando monitoring of the state of charge and species distribution in zinc air batteries using X-ray tomography and model-based simulations
T Arlt, D Schröder, U Krewer, I Manke
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A comparative review of electrolytes for organic material‐based energy storage devices employing solid electrodes and redox fluids
R Chen, D Bresser, M Saraf, P Gerlach, A Balducci, S Kunz, D Schröder, ...
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Origins of dendrite formation in sodium–oxygen batteries and possible countermeasures
L Medenbach, CL Bender, R Haas, B Mogwitz, C Pompe, P Adelhelm, ...
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Homogeneous coating with anion-exchange ionomer improves the cycling stability of secondary batteries with zinc anode
D Stock, S Dongmo, F Walther, J Sann, J Janek, D Schröder
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Model based quantification of air-composition impact on secondary zinc air batteries
D Schröder, U Krewer
Elctrochimica Acta, 2013
Analyzing transport paths in the air electrode of a zinc air battery using X-ray tomography
D Schröder, T Arlt, U Krewer, I Manke
Electrochemistry Communications 40, 88-91, 2014
Performance of zinc air batteries with added K2CO3 in the alkaline electrolyte
D Schröder, NN Sinai Borker, M König, U Krewer
Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, 2015
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