Erik Schnetter
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Evolutions in 3D numerical relativity using fixed mesh refinement
E Schnetter, SH Hawley, I Hawke
Classical and quantum gravity 21 (6), 1465, 2004
The gravitational-wave signature of core-collapse supernovae
CD Ott
Classical and Quantum Gravity 26 (6), 063001, 2009
The Einstein Toolkit: a community computational infrastructure for relativistic astrophysics
F Löffler, J Faber, E Bentivegna, T Bode, P Diener, R Haas, I Hinder, ...
Classical and Quantum Gravity 29 (11), 115001, 2012
Introduction to isolated horizons in numerical relativity
O Dreyer, B Krishnan, D Shoemaker, E Schnetter
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Recoil velocities from equal-mass binary-black-hole mergers
M Koppitz, D Pollney, C Reisswig, L Rezzolla, J Thornburg, P Diener, ...
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General-relativistic simulations of three-dimensional core-collapse supernovae
CD Ott, E Abdikamalov, P Mösta, R Haas, S Drasco, EP O'Connor, ...
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Recoil velocities from equal-mass binary black-hole mergers: a systematic investigation of spin-orbit aligned configurations
D Pollney, C Reisswig, L Rezzolla, B Szilágyi, M Ansorg, B Deris, ...
Physical Review D 76 (12), 124002, 2007
A large-scale dynamo and magnetoturbulence in rapidly rotating core-collapse supernovae
P Mösta, CD Ott, D Radice, LF Roberts, E Schnetter, R Haas
Nature 528 (7582), 376-379, 2015
Magnetorotational core-collapse supernovae in three dimensions
P Mösta, S Richers, CD Ott, R Haas, AL Piro, K Boydstun, E Abdikamalov, ...
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 785 (2), L29, 2014
Testing gravitational-wave searches with numerical relativity waveforms: Results from the first Numerical INJection Analysis (NINJA) project
B Aylott, JG Baker, WD Boggs, M Boyle, PR Brady, DA Brown, ...
Classical and Quantum Gravity 26 (16), 165008, 2009
Turduckening black holes: an analytical and computational study
D Brown, P Diener, O Sarbach, E Schnetter, M Tiglio
Physical Review D 79 (4), 044023, 2009
Error-analysis and comparison to analytical models of numerical waveforms produced by the NRAR Collaboration
I Hinder, A Buonanno, M Boyle, ZB Etienne, J Healy, ...
Classical and Quantum Gravity 31 (2), 025012, 2013
3D collapse of rotating stellar iron cores in general relativity including deleptonization and a nuclear equation of state
CD Ott, H Dimmelmeier, A Marek, HT Janka, I Hawke, B Zink, E Schnetter
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A survey of high level frameworks in block-structured adaptive mesh refinement packages
A Dubey, A Almgren, J Bell, M Berzins, S Brandt, G Bryan, P Colella, ...
Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing 74 (12), 3217-3227, 2014
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LF Roberts, CD Ott, R Haas, EP O’Connor, P Diener, E Schnetter
The Astrophysical Journal 831 (1), 98, 2016
The final spin from the coalescence of aligned-spin black hole binaries
L Rezzolla, P Diener, EN Dorband, D Pollney, C Reisswig, E Schnetter, ...
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 674 (1), L29, 2008
Towards standard testbeds for numerical relativity
M Alcubierre, G Allen, C Bona, D Fiske, T Goodale, FS Guzmán, I Hawke, ...
Classical and Quantum Gravity 21 (2), 589, 2003
pocl: A performance-portable OpenCL implementation
P Jääskeläinen, CS de La Lama, E Schnetter, K Raiskila, J Takala, ...
International Journal of Parallel Programming 43 (5), 752-785, 2015
High accuracy binary black hole simulations with an extended wave zone
D Pollney, C Reisswig, E Schnetter, N Dorband, P Diener
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Correlated gravitational wave and neutrino signals from general-relativistic rapidly rotating iron core collapse
CD Ott, E Abdikamalov, E O’Connor, C Reisswig, R Haas, P Kalmus, ...
Physical Review D 86 (2), 024026, 2012
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