John J Tukker
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Cell type-specific tuning of hippocampal interneuron firing during gamma oscillations in vivo
JJ Tukker, P Fuentealba, K Hartwich, P Somogyi, T Klausberger
Journal of Neuroscience 27 (31), 8184-8189, 2007
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TJ Viney, B Lasztoczi, L Katona, MG Crump, JJ Tukker, T Klausberger, ...
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Direction selectivity in a model of the starburst amacrine cell
JJ Tukker, WR Taylor, RG Smith
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Terminal field and firing selectivity of cholecystokinin-expressing interneurons in the hippocampal CA3 area
B Lasztóczi, JJ Tukker, P Somogyi, T Klausberger
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Potassium channel-based optogenetic silencing
YA Bernal Sierra, BR Rost, M Pofahl, AM Fernandes, RA Kopton, S Moser, ...
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Head-directional tuning and theta modulation of anatomically identified neurons in the presubiculum
JJ Tukker, Q Tang, A Burgalossi, M Brecht
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Chi3l3 induces oligodendrogenesis in an experimental model of autoimmune neuroinflammation
SC Starossom, J Campo Garcia, T Woelfle, S Romero-Suarez, M Olah, ...
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JJ Tukker, P Beed, D Schmitz, ME Larkum, RNS Sachdev
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JJ Tukker, P Beed, M Brecht, R Kempter, EI Moser, D Schmitz
Physiological reviews 102 (2), 653-688, 2022
Somatostatin interneurons activated by 5-HT2A receptor suppress slow oscillations in medial entorhinal cortex
R De Filippo, BR Rost, A Stumpf, C Cooper, JJ Tukker, C Harms, P Beed, ...
ELife 10, e66960, 2021
Recording identified neurons in awake and anesthetized rodents
JJ Tukker
Hippocampal Microcircuits, 365-409, 2018
Serotonin suppresses slow oscillations by activating somatostatin interneurons via the 5-HT (2A) receptor
R De Filippo, B Rost, A Stumpf, C Cooper, JJ Tukker, C Harms, P Beed, ...
bioRxiv, 2020
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