Beatriz Gil-Hernández
Beatriz Gil-Hernández
Profesor Ayudante Doctor, Departamento Química Inorgánica Universidad de La Laguna
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Iron, copper and zinc ammonium-1-hydroxyalkylidene-diphosphonates with zero-, one-and two-dimensional covalent metal–ligand structures extended into three-dimensional …
HA Habib, B Gil-Hernández, K Abu-Shandi, J Sanchiz, C Janiak
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Palladium Nanoparticle‐Immobilized Porous Polyurethane Material for Quick and Efficient Heterogeneous Catalysis of Suzuki‐Miyaura Cross‐Coupling Reaction at Room Temperature
SK Dey, D Dietrich, S Wegner, B Gil‐Hernández, SS Harmalkar, ...
ChemistrySelect 3 (5), 1365-1370, 2018
Bis (benzotriazol-1-yl) methane as a linker in the assembly of new copper (II) coordination polymers: Synthesis, structure and investigations
EV Peresypkina, ЕV Lider, AI Smolentsev, J Sanchiz, B Gil-Hernández, ...
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rtl-M-MOFs (M= Cu, Zn) with a T-shaped bifunctional pyrazole-isophthalate ligand showing flexibility and S-shaped Type F-IV sorption isotherms with high saturation uptakes for …
S Millan, B Gil-Hernández, E Milles, S Gökpinar, G Makhloufi, A Schmitz, ...
Dalton Transactions 48 (23), 8057-8067, 2019
Two-dimensional (6, 3) networks obtained with the {Cu 3 (Hmesox) 3} 3− secondary building unit (H 4 mesox= mesoxalic acid)
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A ferromagnetically coupled copper (II) trinuclear secondary building unit as precursor for the preparation of molecule-based magnets
B Gil-Hernández, P Gili, J Sanchiz
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Mesoxalate as Cu (ii)–Ln (iii) linker in the construction of MOFs in DMSO/water medium
B Gil-Hernandez, P Gili, M Quirós, J Sanchiz
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A 2D Zinc Coordination Polymer Built from the Mono‐deprotonated 4, 4′‐Azobis (3, 5‐dimethyl‐1H‐pyrazole) Ligand
S Millan, B Gil‐Hernández, E Hastürk, A Schmitz, C Janiak
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Flexible bifunctional monoethylphosphonate/carboxylates of Zn (II) and Co (II) reinforced with DABCO co-ligand: paradigmatic structural organization with pcu topology
A Goldman, B Gil-Hernández, S Millan, S Gökpinar, C Heering, I Boldog, ...
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B Gil-Hernandez, AJ Calahorro, P Gili, J Sanchiz
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Solid-State Landscape of 4,4′-Azobis(3,5-dimethyl-1H-pyrazole) with the Isolation of Conformer-Dependent Polymorphs
S Millan, J Nasir, B Gil-Hernández, TO Knedel, B Moll, I Boldog, ...
Crystal Growth & Design 20 (4), 2721-2733, 2020
Visible and NIR emitting Yb (iii) and Er (iii) complexes sensitized by β-diketonates and phenanthroline derivatives
G Brito-Santos, B Gil-Hernández, IR Martín, R Guerrero-Lemus, J Sanchiz
RSC Advances 10 (46), 27815-27823, 2020
Anion Selective Disruption of Strong Intramolecular–NH⋅⋅⋅ O= C Hydrogen Bonds in a Nonchromogenic Tripodal Benzoylthiourea Receptor to Display Colorimetric Response
SK Dey, BG Hernández, M D'Souza, SN Mhaldar, VV Gobre, SN Dhuri
ChemistrySelect 4 (14), 4068-4073, 2019
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