Reimo Zoschke
Reimo Zoschke
Gruppenleiter Max-Planck-Institut für Molekulare Pflanzenphysiologie
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From seedling to mature plant: Arabidopsis plastidial genome copy number, RNA accumulation and transcription are differentially regulated during leaf development
R Zoschke, K Liere, T Börner
The Plant Journal 50 (4), 710-722, 2007
An organellar maturase associates with multiple group II introns
R Zoschke, M Nakamura, K Liere, M Sugiura, T Börner, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (7), 3245-3250, 2010
Fewer genes than organelles: extremely low and variable gene copy numbers in mitochondria of somatic plant cells
T Preuten, E Cincu, J Fuchs, R Zoschke, K Liere, T Börner
The Plant Journal 64 (6), 948-959, 2010
Chloroplast translation: structural and functional organization, operational control, and regulation
R Zoschke, R Bock
The Plant Cell 30 (4), 745-770, 2018
The pentatricopeptide repeat‐SMR protein ATP4 promotes translation of the chloroplast atpB/E mRNA
R Zoschke, T Kroeger, S Belcher, MA Schöttler, A Barkan, ...
The Plant Journal 72 (4), 547-558, 2012
A rapid ribosome profiling method elucidates chloroplast ribosome behavior in vivo
R Zoschke, KP Watkins, A Barkan
The Plant Cell 25 (6), 2265-2275, 2013
Control of retrograde signalling by protein import and cytosolic folding stress
GZ Wu, EH Meyer, AS Richter, M Schuster, Q Ling, MA Schöttler, ...
Nature plants 5 (5), 525-538, 2019
The PPR‐SMR protein PPR 53 enhances the stability and translation of specific chloroplast RNA s in maize
R Zoschke, KP Watkins, RG Miranda, A Barkan
The Plant Journal 85 (5), 594-606, 2016
Genome-wide analysis of thylakoid-bound ribosomes in maize reveals principles of cotranslational targeting to the thylakoid membrane
R Zoschke, A Barkan
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (13), E1678-E1687, 2015
Mutation of the pentatricopeptide repeat-SMR protein SVR7 impairs accumulation and translation of chloroplast ATP synthase subunits in Arabidopsis thaliana
R Zoschke, Y Qu, YO Zubo, T Börner, C Schmitz-Linneweber
Journal of plant research 126, 403-414, 2013
A major role for the plastid-encoded RNA polymerase complex in the expression of plastid transfer RNAs
R Williams-Carrier, R Zoschke, S Belcher, J Pfalz, A Barkan
Plant physiology 164 (1), 239-248, 2014
Unexpected functional versatility of the pentatricopeptide repeat proteins PGR3, PPR5 and PPR10
M Rojas, H Ruwe, RG Miranda, R Zoschke, N Hase, ...
Nucleic acids research 46 (19), 10448-10459, 2018
Commonalities and differences of chloroplast translation in a green alga and land plants
R Trösch, R Barahimipour, Y Gao, JA Badillo-Corona, VL Gotsmann, ...
Nature Plants 4 (8), 564-575, 2018
Shine-Dalgarno sequences play an essential role in the translation of plastid mRNAs in tobacco
LB Scharff, M Ehrnthaler, M Janowski, LH Childs, C Hasse, J Gremmels, ...
The Plant Cell 29 (12), 3085-3101, 2017
Limited responsiveness of chloroplast gene expression during acclimation to high light in tobacco
M Schuster, Y Gao, MA Schöttler, R Bock, R Zoschke
Plant physiology 182 (1), 424-435, 2020
Acclimation in plants–the Green Hub consortium
T Kleine, T Nägele, HE Neuhaus, C Schmitz‐Linneweber, AR Fernie, ...
The Plant Journal 106 (1), 23-40, 2021
Light‐dependent, plastome‐wide association of the plastid‐encoded RNA polymerase with chloroplast DNA
S Finster, E Eggert, R Zoschke, A Weihe, C Schmitz‐Linneweber
The Plant Journal 76 (5), 849-860, 2013
The Arabidopsis mTERF‐repeat MDA1 protein plays a dual function in transcription and stabilization of specific chloroplast transcripts within the psbE and ndhH operons
LV Méteignier, R Ghandour, K Meierhoff, A Zimmerman, J Chicher, ...
New Phytologist 227 (5), 1376-1391, 2020
Ribosome-associated chloroplast SRP54 enables efficient cotranslational membrane insertion of key photosynthetic proteins
A Hristou, I Gerlach, DS Stolle, J Neumann, A Bischoff, B Dünschede, ...
The Plant Cell 31 (11), 2734-2750, 2019
Translation and co-translational membrane engagement of plastid-encoded chlorophyll-binding proteins are not influenced by chlorophyll availability in maize
R Zoschke, P Chotewutmontri, A Barkan
Frontiers in plant science 8, 385, 2017
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