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Jürgen Zeier
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Signal interactions between nitric oxide and reactive oxygen intermediates in the plant hypersensitive disease resistance response
M Delledonne, J Zeier, A Marocco, C Lamb
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Pathogen‐associated molecular pattern recognition rather than development of tissue necrosis contributes to bacterial induction of systemic acquired resistance in Arabidopsis
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Pipecolic acid, an endogenous mediator of defense amplification and priming, is a critical regulator of inducible plant immunity
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Arabidopsis nonsymbiotic hemoglobin AHb1 modulates nitric oxide bioactivity
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Methyl salicylate production and jasmonate signaling are not essential for systemic acquired resistance in Arabidopsis
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Light conditions influence specific defence responses in incompatible plant–pathogen interactions: uncoupling systemic resistance from salicylic acid and PR-1 accumulation
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The Arabidopsis flavin-dependent monooxygenase FMO1 is an essential component of biologically induced systemic acquired resistance
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Light regulation and daytime dependency of inducible plant defenses in Arabidopsis: phytochrome signaling controls systemic acquired resistance rather than local defense
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New insights into the regulation of plant immunity by amino acid metabolic pathways
J Zeier
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Expression of a nitric oxide degrading enzyme induces a senescence programme in Arabidopsis
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Cytokinins mediate resistance against Pseudomonas syringae in tobacco through increased antimicrobial phytoalexin synthesis independent of salicylic acid signaling
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Comparative investigation of primary and tertiary endodermal cell walls isolated from the roots of five monocotyledoneous species: chemical composition in relation to fine …
J Zeier, L Schreiber
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Chemical analysis and immunolocalisation of lignin and suberin in endodermal and hypodermal/rhizodermal cell walls of developing maize (Zea mays L.) primary roots
JÈ Zeier, K Ruel, U Ryser, L Schreiber
Planta 209 (1), 1-12, 1999
Flavin monooxygenase-generated N-hydroxypipecolic acid is a critical element of plant systemic immunity
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Cell 173 (2), 456-469. e16, 2018
Spatial H2O2 signaling specificity: H2O2 from chloroplasts and peroxisomes modulates the plant transcriptome differentially
N Sewelam, N Jaspert, K Van Der Kelen, VB Tognetti, J Schmitz, ...
Molecular Plant 7 (7), 1191-1210, 2014
Chemical composition of hypodermal and endodermal cell walls and xylem vessels isolated from Clivia miniata (identification of the biopolymers lignin and suberin)
J Zeier, L Schreiber
Plant Physiology 113 (4), 1223-1231, 1997
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