Olivier Duss
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Molecular basis of messenger RNA recognition by the specific bacterial repressing clamp RsmA/CsrA
M Schubert, K Lapouge, O Duss, FC Oberstrass, I Jelesarov, D Haas, ...
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T Aeschbacher, E Schmidt, M Blatter, C Maris, O Duss, FHT Allain, ...
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O Duss, GA Stepanyuk, JD Puglisi, JR Williamson
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O Duss, ND dit Konté, FHT Allain
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O Duss, GA Stepanyuk, A Grot, SE O’Leary, JD Puglisi, JR Williamson
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Aromatic side-chain conformational switch on the surface of the RNA Recognition Motif enables RNA discrimination
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O Duss
Methods Enzymol 565, 537-562, 2015
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E Michel, O Duss, FHT Allain
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Transient Protein-RNA Interactions Guide Nascent Ribosomal RNA Folding
O Duss, GA Stepanyuk, JD Puglisi, JR Williamson
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Co-Transcriptional Ribosome Assembly in Real-Time
O Duss, S O'Leary, J Puglisi, J Williamson
Biophysical Journal 112 (3), 178a, 2017
Assembly, 70 kDa solution structure and mechanism of action of the bacterial non-coding RNA RsmZ in complex with the global regulatory protein RsmE
OP Duss
ETH Zurich, 2012
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