Rafael F Guerrero
Rafael F Guerrero
Department of Biological Sciences North Carolina State University
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About PAR: The distinct evolutionary dynamics of the pseudoautosomal region
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Cryptic recombination in the ever‐young sex chromosomes of Hylid frogs
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Topological features of gene regulatory networks predict patterns of natural diversity in environmental response
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Proteostasis environment shapes higher-order epistasis operating on antibiotic resistance
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Empowering Latina scientists
XE Bernal, B Rojas, MA Pinto-E, ÁM Mendoza-Henao, A Herrera-Montes, ...
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Transcriptomic analysis links gene expression to unilateral pollen-pistil reproductive barriers
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CAGI SickKids challenges: Assessment of phenotype and variant predictions derived from clinical and genomic data of children with undiagnosed diseases
L Kasak, JM Hunter, R Udani, C Bakolitsa, Z Hu, AN Adhikari, G Babbi, ...
Human mutation 40 (9), 1373-1391, 2019
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