sylvie dinant
sylvie dinant
senior sicentist, INRA, IJPB, Versailles FRANCE
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Compatible plant-aphid interactions: how aphids manipulate plant responses
P Giordanengo, L Brunissen, C Rusterucci, C Vincent, A van Bel, S Dinant, ...
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Phloem sap intricacy and interplay with aphid feeding
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Lettuce mosaic virus
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The phloem pathway: new issues and old debates
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Plasmodesmata and plant cytoskeleton
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Binding properties of the N-acetylglucosamine and high-mannose N-glycan PP2-A1 phloem lectin in Arabidopsis
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Breeding for resistance to plant viruses
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Bromovirus RNA replication and transcription require compatibility between the polymerase-and helicase-like viral RNA synthesis proteins.
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Heterologous resistance to potato virus Y in transgenic tobacco plants expressing the coat protein gene of lettuce mosaic potyvirus
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Soluble and filamentous proteins in Arabidopsis sieve elements
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Synthesis of (−)-strand RNA from the 3′ untranslated region of plant viral genomes expressed in transgenic plants upon infection with related viruses
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Nucleotide sequence of the 3′ terminal region of lettuce mosaic potyvirus RNA shows a Gln/Val dipeptide at the cleavage site between the polymerase and the coat protein
S Dinant, H Lot, J Albouy, C Kuziak, M Meyer, S Astier-Manifacier
Archives of virology 116 (1), 235-252, 1991
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