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Anne S. Ulrich
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Biophysical aspects of using liposomes as delivery vehicles
AS Ulrich
Bioscience reports 22 (2), 129-150, 2002
Damage of the bacterial cell envelope by antimicrobial peptides gramicidin S and PGLa as revealed by transmission and scanning electron microscopy
M Hartmann, M Berditsch, J Hawecker, MF Ardakani, D Gerthsen, ...
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Heterogeneous Structure of Silk Fibers from Bombyx mori Resolved by 13C Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy
T Asakura, J Yao, T Yamane, K Umemura, AS Ulrich
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Screening and characterization of surface-tethered cationic peptides for antimicrobial activity
K Hilpert, M Elliott, H Jenssen, J Kindrachuk, CD Fjell, J Körner, ...
Chemistry & biology 16 (1), 58-69, 2009
Synergistic interaction between silver nanoparticles and membrane-permeabilizing antimicrobial peptides
S Ruden, K Hilpert, M Berditsch, P Wadhwani, AS Ulrich
Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy 53 (8), 3538-3540, 2009
Solid state 19F NMR methods for studying biomembranes
AS Ulrich
Progress in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy 1 (46), 1-21, 2005
NMR methods for studying membrane‐active antimicrobial peptides
E Strandberg, AS Ulrich
Concepts in Magnetic Resonance Part A: An Educational Journal 23 (2), 89-120, 2004
Concentration-dependent realignment of the antimicrobial peptide PGLa in lipid membranes observed by solid-state 19F-NMR
RW Glaser, C Sachse, UHN Dürr, P Wadhwani, S Afonin, E Strandberg, ...
Biophysical journal 88 (5), 3392-3397, 2005
Hydration of DOPC bilayers by differential scanning calorimetry
AS Ulrich, M Sami, A Watts
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Molecular response of the lipid headgroup to bilayer hydration monitored by 2H-NMR
AS Ulrich, A Watts
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4‐Fluorophenylglycine as a Label for 19F NMR Structure Analysis of Membrane‐Associated Peptides
S Afonin, RW Glaser, M Berditchevskaia, P Wadhwani, KH Gührs, ...
ChemBioChem 4 (11), 1151-1163, 2003
Membrane-bound structure and alignment of the antimicrobial β-sheet peptide gramicidin S derived from angular and distance constraints by solid state 19F-NMR
J Salgado, SL Grage, LH Kondejewski, RS Hodges, RN McElhaney, ...
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Controlling biological activity with light: diarylethene‐containing cyclic peptidomimetics
O Babii, S Afonin, M Berditsch, S Reiβer, PK Mykhailiuk, VS Kubyshkin, ...
Angewandte Chemie 126 (13), 3460-3463, 2014
2H-NMR study and molecular dynamics simulation of the location, alignment, and mobility of pyrene in POPC bilayers
B Hoff, E Strandberg, AS Ulrich, DP Tieleman, C Posten
Biophysical journal 88 (3), 1818-1827, 2005
Preferential uptake of L-versus D-amino acid cell-penetrating peptides in a cell type-dependent manner
WPR Verdurmen, PH Bovee-Geurts, P Wadhwani, AS Ulrich, M Hällbrink, ...
Chemistry & biology 18 (8), 1000-1010, 2011
A cell-penetrating peptide derived from human lactoferrin with conformation-dependent uptake efficiency
F Duchardt, IR Ruttekolk, WPR Verdurmen, H Lortat-Jacob, J Bürck, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 284 (52), 36099-36108, 2009
Orientation of the antimicrobial peptide PGLa in lipid membranes determined from 19F-NMR dipolar couplings of 4-CF3-phenylglycine labels
RW Glaser, C Sachse, UHN Dürr, P Wadhwani, AS Ulrich
Journal of Magnetic Resonance 168 (1), 153-163, 2004
Conformation and membrane orientation of amphiphilic helical peptides by oriented circular dichroism
J Bürck, S Roth, P Wadhwani, S Afonin, N Kanithasen, E Strandberg, ...
Biophysical journal 95 (8), 3872-3881, 2008
Synergistic transmembrane alignment of the antimicrobial heterodimer PGLa/magainin
P Tremouilhac, E Strandberg, P Wadhwani, AS Ulrich
Journal of Biological Chemistry 281 (43), 32089-32094, 2006
Peptoidic amino-and guanidinium-carrier systems: targeted drug delivery into the cell cytosol or the nucleus
T Schröder, N Niemeier, S Afonin, AS Ulrich, HF Krug, S Bräse
Journal of medicinal chemistry 51 (3), 376-379, 2008
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