Anna Westermeier
Anna Westermeier
Plant Biomechanics Group, University of Freiburg
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Flectofold—a biomimetic compliant shading device for complex free form facades
A Körner, L Born, A Mader, R Sachse, S Saffarian, AS Westermeier, ...
Smart Materials and Structures 27 (1), 017001, 2017
Fastest predators in the plant kingdom: functional morphology and biomechanics of suction traps found in the largest genus of carnivorous plants
S Poppinga, C Weisskopf, AS Westermeier, T Masselter, T Speck
AoB Plants 8, 2016
4D pine scale: biomimetic 4D printed autonomous scale and flap structures capable of multi-phase movement
D Correa, S Poppinga, MD Mylo, AS Westermeier, B Bruchmann, ...
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A 378 (2167), 20190445, 2020
Snapping mechanics of the Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula)
R Sachse, A Westermeier, M Mylo, J Nadasdi, M Bischoff, T Speck, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (27), 16035-16042, 2020
How the carnivorous waterwheel plant (Aldrovanda vesiculosa) snaps
AS Westermeier, R Sachse, S Poppinga, P Vögele, L Adamec, T Speck, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 285 (1878), 20180012, 2018
Trap diversity and character evolution in carnivorous bladderworts (Utricularia, Lentibulariaceae)
AS Westermeier, A Fleischmann, K Müller, B Schäferhoff, C Rubach, ...
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 1-24, 2017
Compliant mechanisms in plants and architecture
S Poppinga, A Körner, R Sachse, L Born, A Westermeier, L Hesse, ...
Biomimetic Research for Architecture and Building Construction, 169-193, 2016
Fiber-reinforced plastics with locally adapted stiffness for bio-inspired hingeless, deployable architectural systems
L Born, A Körner, G Schieber, AS Westermeier, S Poppinga, R Sachse, ...
Key Engineering Materials 742, 689-696, 2017
Adaptive biomimetic actuator systems reacting to various stimuli by and combining two biological snap-trap mechanics
F Esser, FD Scherag, S Poppinga, A Westermeier, MD Mylo, ...
Conference on Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems, 114-121, 2019
Prey capture analyses in the carnivorous aquatic waterwheel plant (Aldrovanda vesiculosa L., Droseraceae)
S Poppinga, J Smaij, AS Westermeier, M Horstmann, S Kruppert, ...
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-13, 2019
Comparative Prey Spectra Analyses on the Endangered Aquatic Carnivorous Waterwheel Plant (Aldrovanda vesiculosa, Droseraceae) at Several Naturalized …
M Horstmann, L Heier, S Kruppert, LC Weiss, R Tollrian, L Adamec, ...
Integrative Organismal Biology 1 (1), oby012, 2019
Functional–morphological analyses of the delicate snap-traps of the aquatic carnivorous waterwheel plant (Aldrovanda vesiculosa) with 2D and 3D imaging …
AS Westermeier, N Hiss, T Speck, S Poppinga
Annals of Botany 126 (6), 1099-1107, 2020
From pure research to biomimetic products: the Flectofold facade shading device
S Saffarian, L Born, A Körner, A Mader, AS Westermeier, S Poppinga, ...
Biomimetics for Architecture, 42-51, 2019
Biomimetic research for architecture and building construction: biological design and integrative structures. Biologically-inspired systems
S Poppinga, A Körner, R Sachse, L Born, AS Westermeier, L Hesse, ...
Springer, Heidelberg, Berlin, 2016
No joint ailments: how plants move and inspire technology
A Westermeier, S Poppinga, A Körner, L Born, R Sachse, S Saffarian, ...
Biomimetics for Architecture, 32-41, 2019
Modeling and analysis of the trapping mechanism of Aldrovanda vesiculosa as biomimetic inspiration for façade elements
M Bischoff, R Sachse, A Körner, A Westermeier, L Born, S Poppinga, ...
Proceedings of IASS annual symposia 2017 (8), 1-9, 2017
Facing the Green Threat: A Water Flea’s Defenses against a Carnivorous Plant
S Kruppert, M Horstmann, LC Weiss, E Konopka, N Kubitza, S Poppinga, ...
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23 (12), 6474, 2022
Structural gradients and anisotropic hydraulic conductivity in the enigmatic eel traps of carnivorous corkscrew plants (Genlisea spp.)
CF Carmesin, AS Fleischmann, MM Klepsch, AS Westermeier, T Speck, ...
American Journal of Botany 108 (12), 2356-2370, 2021
Biology, biomechanics and biomimetic potential of Aldrovanda vesiculosa underwater snap-traps
A Westermeier, R Sachse, S Poppinga, A Korner, L Born, A Mader, ...
Snapping in different media: Comparative analyses of biomechanics and functional morphology in Aldrovanda vesiculosa and Dionaea muscipula
A Westermeier
Dissertation, Universität Freiburg, 2020, 2019
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