Olga Guskova
Olga Guskova
Junior Group Leader at the IPF Dresden (ORCID: 0000-0001-5925-6586), Photo: Jörg Simanowski
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Molecular doping of a high mobility diketopyrrolopyrrole-dithienylthieno[3,2-b]thiophene donor-acceptor copolymer with F6TCNNQ
Y Karpov, T Erdmann, M Stamm, U Lappan, O Guskova, M Malanin, ...
Macromolecules 50 (3), 914–926, 2017
Mesoscopic Simulations of Morphological Transitions of Stimuli-Responsive Diblock Copolymer Brushes
OA Guskova, C Seidel
Macromolecules 44 (3), 671-682, 2011
Effect of comonomer sequence distribution on the adsorption of random copolymers onto impenetrable flat surfaces
YK Jhon, JJ Semler, J Genzer, M Beevers, OA Gus’kova, PG Khalatur, ...
Macromolecules 42 (7), 2843-2853, 2009
Water around fullerene shape amphiphiles: A molecular dynamics simulation study of hydrophobic hydration
SR Varanasi, O Guskova, A John, JU Sommer
The Journal of Chemical Physics 142 (22), 224308 (1-15), 2015
Photosensitive Cationic Azobenzene Surfactants: Thermodynamics of Hydration and the Complex Formation with Poly(methacrylic acid)
M Montagna, O Guskova
Langmuir 34, 311−321, 2018
Organization of nanoparticles at the polymer brush-solvent interface
OA Guskova, S Pal, C Seidel
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 88 (3), 38006, 2009
Silk-inspired ‘molecular chimeras’: Atomistic simulation of nanoarchitectures based on thiophene–peptide copolymers
OA Gus’kova, PG Khalatur, P Bäuerle, AR Khokhlov
Chemical Physics Letters 461 (1), 64-70, 2008
Self-assembled monolayers of β-alkylated oligothiophenes on graphite substrate: Molecular dynamics simulation
OA Gus’kova, E Mena Osteritz, E Schillinger, PG Khalatur, P Bäuerle, ...
J. Phys. Chem. C 111, 7165-7174, 2007
Light Induced Deformation of Azobenzene Containing Colloidal Spheres: Calculation and Measurement of Opto-Mechanical Stresses
S Loebner, N Lomadze, A Kopyshev, M Koch, O Guskova, ...
J. Phys. Chem. B 122 (6), 2001–2009, 2018
Self‐Assembled Polythiophene‐Based Nanostructures: Numerical Studies
OA Gus'kova, PG Khalatur, AR Khokhlov
Macromolecular Theory and Simulations 18 (4‐5), 219-246, 2009
Light Absorption in Organic Thin Films: The Importance of Oriented Molecules
OA Guskova, C Schünemann, KJ Eichhorn, K Walzer, M Levichkova, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (33), 17285–17293, 2013
Conformational and electronic properties of small benzothiadiazole-cored oligomers with aryl flanking units: Thiophene versus Furan
D Raychev, O Guskova, G Seifert, JU Sommer
Computational Materials Science 126, 287-298, 2017
Photoisomers of Azobenzene Star with a Flat Core: Theoretical Insights into Multiple States from DFT and MD Perspective
M Koch, M Saphiannikova, S Santer, O Guskova
Journal of Physical Chemistry B 121 (37), 8854–8867, 2017
Bioinspired hybrid systems based on oligothiophenes and peptides (ALA-GLY) n: Computer-aided simulation of adsorption layers
OA Gus’kova, E Schillinger, PG Khalatur, P Bäuerle, AR Khokhlov
Polymer Science Series A 51 (4), 430-445, 2009
C60-Dyad Aggregates: Self-Organized Structures in Aqueous Solutions
O Guskova, SR Varanasi, JU Sommer
The Journal of Chemical Physics 141 (14), 144303 (1-11), 2014
Assembly of nano-particles on diblock copolymer brushes: toward laterally nano-structured composites
OA Guskova, C Seidel
Soft Matter 8 (10), 2833-2843, 2012
Ionic micelles in solutions of polyelectrolytes and block copolymers with oppositely charged blocks: Computer simulation
OA Gus’kova, AS Pavlov, PG Khalatur
Polymer Science Series A 48 (11), 1211-1217, 2006
J-Like Supramolecular Assemblies of Polyaniline in Water
O Omelchenko, E Tomšík, A Zhigunov, O Guskova, O Gribkova, ...
Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 214 (23), 2739–2743, 2013
Complexes based on rigid-chain polyelectrolytes: Computer simulation
OA Gus’kova, AS Pavlov, PG Khalatur
Polymer Science Series A 48 (7), 763-770, 2006
Polyethenetetrathiolate or Polytetrathiooxalate? Improved synthesis, a comparative analysis of a prominent thermoelectric polymer and implications to charge transport mechanism
R Tkachov, L Stepien, R Grafe, O Guskova, A Kiriy, F Simon, ...
Polymer Chemistry 9, 4543-4555, 2018
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