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Emma Wetter Slack
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Syk-and CARD9-dependent coupling of innate immunity to the induction of T helper cells that produce interleukin 17
S LeibundGut-Landmann, O Groß, MJ Robinson, F Osorio, EC Slack, ...
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Syk-dependent cytokine induction by Dectin-1 reveals a novel pattern recognition pathway for C type lectins
NC Rogers, EC Slack, AD Edwards, MA Nolte, O Schulz, E Schweighoffer, ...
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Intestinal bacterial colonization induces mutualistic regulatory T cell responses
MB Geuking, J Cahenzli, MAE Lawson, DCK Ng, E Slack, S Hapfelmeier, ...
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Toll‐like receptor expression in murine DC subsets: lack of TLR7 expression by CD8α+ DC correlates with unresponsiveness to imidazoquinolines
AD Edwards, SS Diebold, EMC Slack, H Tomizawa, H Hemmi, T Kaisho, ...
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Reversible microbial colonization of germ-free mice reveals the dynamics of IgA immune responses
S Hapfelmeier, MAE Lawson, E Slack, JK Kirundi, M Stoel, ...
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Myeloid C-type lectins in innate immunity
MJ Robinson, D Sancho, EC Slack, S LeibundGut-Landmann, ...
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Innate and adaptive immunity cooperate flexibly to maintain host-microbiota mutualism
E Slack, S Hapfelmeier, B Stecher, Y Velykoredko, M Stoel, MAE Lawson, ...
Science 325 (5940), 617-620, 2009
The microbiota mediates pathogen clearance from the gut lumen after non-typhoidal Salmonella diarrhea
K Endt, B Stecher, S Chaffron, E Slack, N Tchitchek, A Benecke, ...
PLoS Pathog 6 (9), e1001097, 2010
The liver may act as a firewall mediating mutualism between the host and its gut commensal microbiota
ML Balmer, E Slack, A De Gottardi, MAE Lawson, S Hapfelmeier, L Miele, ...
Science translational medicine 6 (237), 237ra66-237ra66, 2014
Syk‐dependent ERK activation regulates IL‐2 and IL‐10 production by DC stimulated with zymosan
EC Slack, MJ Robinson, P Hernanz‐Falcón, GD Brown, DL Williams, ...
European journal of immunology 37 (6), 1600-1612, 2007
The functional interactions of commensal bacteria with intestinal secretory IgA
AJ Macpherson, E Slack
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High-avidity IgA protects the intestine by enchaining growing bacteria
K Moor, M Diard, ME Sellin, B Felmy, SY Wotzka, A Toska, E Bakkeren, ...
Nature 544 (7651), 498-502, 2017
Memory CD8+ T Cells Require Increased Concentrations of Acetate Induced by Stress for Optimal Function
ML Balmer, EH Ma, GR Bantug, J Grählert, S Pfister, T Glatter, A Jauch, ...
Immunity 44 (6), 1312-1324, 2016
Microbiota-derived compounds drive steady-state granulopoiesis via MyD88/TICAM signaling
ML Balmer, CM Schürch, Y Saito, MB Geuking, H Li, M Cuenca, ...
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The habitat, double life, citizenship, and forgetfulness of IgA
AJ Macpherson, MB Geuking, E Slack, S Hapfelmeier, KD McCoy
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ATP-gated ionotropic P2X7 receptor controls follicular T helper cell numbers in Peyer’s patches to promote host-microbiota mutualism
M Proietti, V Cornacchione, TR Jost, A Romagnani, CE Faliti, L Perruzza, ...
Immunity 41 (5), 789-801, 2014
The association between maternal body mass index and child obesity: A systematic review and meta-analysis
N Heslehurst, R Vieira, Z Akhter, H Bailey, E Slack, L Ngongalah, A Pemu, ...
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Cecum lymph node dendritic cells harbor slow-growing bacteria phenotypically tolerant to antibiotic treatment
P Kaiser, RR Regoes, T Dolowschiak, SY Wotzka, J Lengefeld, E Slack, ...
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Inflammation boosts bacteriophage transfer between Salmonella spp.
M Diard, E Bakkeren, JK Cornuault, K Moor, A Hausmann, ME Sellin, ...
Science 355 (6330), 1211-1215, 2017
The mucosal firewalls against commensal intestinal microbes
AJ Macpherson, E Slack, MB Geuking, KD McCoy
Seminars in immunopathology 31 (2), 145-149, 2009
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