Lukáš Félix Pašteka
Lukáš Félix Pašteka
Department of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University
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Relativistic and quantum electrodynamic effects in superheavy elements
P Schwerdtfeger, LF Pašteka, A Punnett, PO Bowman
Nuclear Physics A 944, 551, 2015
Relativistic coupled cluster calculations with variational quantum electrodynamics resolve the discrepancy between experiment and theory concerning the electron affinity and …
LF Pašteka, E Eliav, A Borschevsky, U Kaldor, P Schwerdtfeger
Physical review letters 118 (2), 023002, 2017
Toward understanding the bonding character in complexes of coinage metals with lone-pair ligands. CCSD (T) and DFT computations
LF Pašteka, T Rajsky, M Urban
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 117 (21), 4472-4485, 2013
Ionization potentials and electron affinities of the superheavy elements 115–117 and their sixth-row homologues Bi, Po, and At
A Borschevsky, LF Pašteka, V Pershina, E Eliav, U Kaldor
Physical Review A 91 (2), 020501, 2015
Search for variation of fundamental constants: Strong enhancements in X2Π cations of dihalogens and hydrogen halides
LF Pašteka, A Borschevsky, VV Flambaum, P Schwerdtfeger
Physical Review A 92 (1), 012103, 2015
Electron affinities of uracil: Microsolvation effects and polarizable continuum model
M Melicherčík, LF Pašteka, P Neogrády, M Urban
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 116 (9), 2343-2351, 2012
CASPT2 and CCSD (T) calculations of dipole moments and polarizabilities of acetone in excited states
LF Pašteka, M Melicherčík, P Neogrády, M Urban
Molecular Physics 110 (18), 2219-2237, 2012
High accuracy theoretical investigations of CaF, SrF, and BaF and implications for laser-cooling
Y Hao, LF Pašteka, L Visscher, P Aggarwal, HL Bethlem, A Boeschoten, ...
The Journal of chemical physics 151 (3), 034302, 2019
The cohesive energy of superheavy element copernicium determined from accurate relativistic coupled-cluster theory
KG Steenbergen, JM Mewes, LF Pašteka, HW Gäggeler, G Kresse, E Pahl, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (48), 32286-32295, 2017
Relativistic coupled-cluster calculations of the 173Yb nuclear quadrupole coupling constant for the YbF molecule
LF Pašteka, RJ Mawhorter, P Schwerdtfeger
Molecular Physics 114 (7-8), 1110-1117, 2016
Spin–orbit effects in optical spectra of gold–silver trimers
A Shayeghi, LF Pašteka, DA Götz, P Schwerdtfeger, R Schäfer
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20 (14), 9108-9114, 2018
Network analysis of substituted bullvalenes
O Yahiaoui, LF Pašteka, CJ Blake, CG Newton, T Fallon
Organic Letters 21 (23), 9574-9578, 2019
Material Size Dependence on Fundamental Constants
LF Pašteka, Y Hao, A Borschevsky, VV Flambaum, P Schwerdtfeger
Physical review letters 122 (16), 160801, 2019
Atropisomerism of 2, 2′‐Diaryl‐1, 1′‐binaphthalenes Containing Three Stereogenic Axes: Experimental and Computational Study
M Ehn, NG Vassilev, LF Pašteka, M Dangalov, M Putala
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2015 (36), 7935-7942, 2015
Gold doping of tin clusters: exo-vs. endohedral complexes
M Gleditzsch, LF Pašteka, DA Götz, A Shayeghi, RL Johnston, R Schäfer
Nanoscale 11 (27), 12878-12888, 2019
Doping effects on the geometric and electronic structure of tin clusters
M Gleditzsch, M Jäger, LF Pašteka, A Shayeghi, R Schäfer
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 21 (44), 24478-24488, 2019
Atoms and molecules in soft confinement potentials
LF Pašteka, T Helgaker, T Saue, D Sundholm, HJ Werner, M Hasanbulli, ...
Molecular Physics, 1730989, 2020
Boronate Ester Bullvalenes
HD Patel, TH Tran, CJ Sumby, LF Pasteka, T Fallon
Journal of the American Chemical Society 142 (8), 3680-3685, 2020
Spin-orbit effects in excited states of mixed gold-silver trimers
A Shayeghi, LF Pašteka, DA Götz, P Schwerdtfegercd, R Schäfera
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