Antipov E.V.
Antipov E.V.
Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, Head of Electrochemistry Department, Moscow State University
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Superconductivity at 94 K in HgBa2Cu04+δ
SN Putilin, EV Antipov, O Chmaissem, M Marezio
Nature 362 (6417), 226-228, 1993
The synthesis and characterization of the HgBa2Ca2Cu3O8+ [delta] and HgBa2Ca3Cu4O10+ [delta] phases
EV Antipov, SM Loureiro, C Chaillout, JJ Capponi, P Bordet, JL Tholence, ...
Physica C: Superconductivity 215 (1-2), 1-10, 1993
Superconductivity above 120 K in HgBa2CaCu2O6+ [delta]
SN Putilin, EV Antipov, M Marezio
Physica C: Superconductivity 212 (3-4), 266-270, 1993
Pressure-induced enhancement of Tc above 150 K in HG-1223
M Nunez-Regueiro, JL Tholence, EV Antipov, JJ Capponi, M Marezio
Science 262 (5130), 97, 1993
Dual role of carbon in the catalytic layers of perovskite/carbon composites for the electrocatalytic oxygen reduction reaction
T Poux, FS Napolskiy, T Dintzer, G Kéranguéven, SY Istomin, GA Tsirlina, ...
Catalysis Today 189 (1), 83-92, 2012
Synthesis, structure, and properties of new perovskite PbVO3
RV Shpanchenko, VV Chernaya, AA Tsirlin, PS Chizhov, DE Sklovsky, ...
Chemistry of materials 16 (17), 3267-3273, 2004
Determination of lithium diffusion coefficient in LiFePO4 electrode by galvanostatic and potentiostatic intermittent titration techniques
AV Churikov, AV Ivanishchev, IA Ivanishcheva, VO Sycheva, ...
Electrochimica Acta 55 (8), 2939-2950, 2010
Neutron powder diffraction study at room temperature and at 10 K of the crystal structure of the 133 K superconductor HgBa2Ca2Cu3O8+ [delta]
O Chmaissem, Q Huang, EV Antipov, SN Putilin, M Marezio, SM Loureiro, ...
Physica C: Superconductivity 217 (3-4), 265-272, 1993
Chemistry and structure of Hg-based superconducting Cu mixed oxides
EV Antipov, AM Abakumov, SN Putilin
Superconductor Science and Technology 15, R31, 2002
AVPO4F (A = Li, K): A 4 V Cathode Material for High-Power Rechargeable Batteries
SS Fedotov, NR Khasanova, AS Samarin, OA Drozhzhin, D Batuk, ...
Chemistry of Materials 28 (2), 411-415, 2016
Crystal structure of the novel complex cobalt oxide Sr0. 7Y0. 3CoO2. 62
SY Istomin, J Grins, G Svensson, OA Drozhzhin, VL Kozhevnikov, ...
Chemistry of materials 15 (21), 4012-4020, 2003
Solid state chemistry for developing better metal-ion batteries
AM Abakumov, SS Fedotov, EV Antipov, JM Tarascon
Nature Communications 11 (1), 4976, 2020
Discovery of a second family of bismuth-oxide-based superconductors
SM Kazakov, C Chaillout, P Bordet, JJ Capponi, M Nunez-Regueiro, ...
Nature 390 (6656), 148-150, 1997
Rationalizing the influence of the Mn (IV)/Mn (III) Red-Ox transition on the electrocatalytic activity of manganese oxides in the oxygen reduction reaction
AS Ryabova, FS Napolskiy, T Poux, SY Istomin, A Bonnefont, DM Antipin, ...
Electrochimica Acta 187, 161-172, 2016
Cathode materials based on perovskite-like transition metal oxides for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells
SY Istomin, EV Antipov
Russian Chemical Reviews 82 (7), 686, 2013
Tetrahedral Chain Order in the Sr2Fe2O5 Brownmillerite
H D’Hondt, AM Abakumov, J Hadermann, AS Kalyuzhnaya, MG Rozova, ...
Chemistry of Materials 20 (22), 7188-7194, 2008
New Complex Copper Oxides: HgBa sub 2 RCu sub 2 O sub 7(R= La, Nd, Eu, Gd, Dy, Y)
SN Putilin, EV Antipov, I Bryntse
Materials Research Bulletin(USA) 26 (12), 1299-1307, 1991
Synthesis and structural characterization of the 127 K HgBa2CaCu2O6. 22 superconductor:: Tc variations upon different atmosphere annealings
SM Loureiro, EV Antipov, JL Tholence, JJ Capponi, O Chmaissem, ...
Physica C: Superconductivity 217 (3-4), 253-264, 1993
Synthesis and neutron powder diffraction study of the superconductor HgBa2CaCu2O6+ [delta] before and after heat treatment
EV Antipov, JJ Capponi, C Chaillout, O Chmaissem, SM Loureiro, ...
Physica C: Superconductivity 218 (3-4), 348-355, 1993
On the stability region and structure of the Nd1+ xBa2-xCu3Oy solid solution
EA Goodilin, NN Oleynikov, EV Antipov, RV Shpanchenko, GY Popov, ...
Physica C: Superconductivity 272 (1-2), 65-78, 1996
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