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Belowground carbon storage of Micronesian mangrove forests
K Fujimoto, A Imaya, R Tabuchi, S Kuramoto, H Utsugi, T Murofushi
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Stand biomass estimation method by canopy coverage for application to remote sensing in an arid area of Western Australia
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BAAD: a Biomass And Allometry Database for woody plants
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Light‐dependent photosynthetic characteristics indicated by chlorophyll fluorescence in five mangrove species native to Pohnpei Island, Micronesia
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Growth and photosynthetic traits of hybrid larch F1 (Larix gmelinii var. japonica × L. kaempferi) under elevated CO2 concentration with low nutrient availability
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Vertical distributions of leaf area and inclination angle, and their relationship in a 46-year-old Chamaecyparis obtusa stand
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Efficacy of generic allometric equations for estimating biomass: a test in Japanese natural forests
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Estimation of whole-stem respiration, incorporating vertical and seasonal variations in stem CO 2 efflux rate, of Chamaecyparis obtusa trees
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High nitrogen and elevated [CO2] effects on the growth, defense and photosynthetic performance of two eucalypt species
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Angle distribution of foliage in individual Chamaecyparis obtusa canopies and effect of angle on diffuse light penetration
H Utsugi
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Variation in light-intercepting area and photosynthetic rate of sun and shade shoots of two Picea species in relation to the angle of incoming light
H Ishii, Y Hamada, H Utsugi
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Interactive effects of elevated CO 2, phosphorus deficiency, and soil drought on nodulation and nitrogenase activity in Alnus hirsuta and Alnus maximowiczii
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Symbiosis 50 (1), 59-69, 2010
Comparison of growth characteristics and tolerance to serpentine soil of three ectomycorrhizal spruce seedlings in northern Japan
M Kayama, D Choi, H Tobita, H Utsugi, M Kitao, Y Maruyama, M Nomura, ...
Trees 20 (4), 430, 2006
壁谷大介, 宇都木玄, 来田和人, 小倉晃, 渡辺直史, 藤本浩平, 山崎真, ...
日本森林学会誌 98 (5), 214-222, 2016
Determination of Seed Soundness in Conifers Cryptomeria japonica and Chamaecyparis obtusa Using Narrow-Multiband Spectral Imaging in the Short …
O Matsuda, M Hara, H Tobita, K Yazaki, T Nakagawa, K Shimizu, ...
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Effects of elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide, soil nutrients and water conditions on photosynthetic and growth responses of Alnus hirsuta
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梶本卓也, 宇都木玄, 田中浩
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Microenvironments and growth in gaps
M Ishizuka, Y Ochiai, H Utsugi
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Effect of stem radial growth on seasonal and spatial variations in stem CO2 efflux of Chamaecyparis obtusa
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Methane Emission from Leaves of Larch, Birch and Oak Saplings Grown at Elevated CO2 Concentration in Northern Japan-Preliminary Study
北岡哲, 阪田匡司, 小池孝良, 飛田博順, 上村章, 北尾光俊, 丸山温, ...
農業気象 63 (4), 201-206, 2007
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