Yuuki Sugawara
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Understanding Reactivity Patterns in Light‐Induced Nitrile Imine Mediated Tetrazole–Ene Cycloadditions
E Blasco, Y Sugawara, P Lederhose, JP Blinco, AM Kelterer, ...
ChemPhotoChem 1 (5), 159-163, 2017
Extremely Active Hydrogen Evolution Catalyst Electrochemically Generated from a Ruthenium-Based Perovskite-Type Precursor
TY Yuuki Sugawara, Keigo Kamata
ACS Applied Energy Materials 2 (2), 956-960, 2019
Efficient Oxygen Evolution Electrocatalysis on CaFe2O4 and Its Reaction Mechanism
Y Sugawara, K Kamata, A Ishikawa, Y Tateyama, T Yamaguchi
ACS Applied Energy Materials 4 (4), 3057-3066, 2021
Tuning Palladium Nickel Phosphide toward Efficient Oxygen Evolution Performance
S Sankar, Y Sugawara, S Assa Aravindh, R Jose, T Tamaki, ...
ACS Applied Energy Materials 3 (1), 879-888, 2019
Control of the poly (N-isopropylacrylamide) phase transition via a single strand–double strand transformation of conjugated DNA
Y Sugawara, T Tamaki, H Ohashi, T Yamaguchi
Soft Matter 9 (12), 3331-3340, 2013
Light-driven nitrile imine-mediated tetrazole–ene cycloaddition as a versatile platform for fullerene conjugation
Y Sugawara, N Jasinski, M Kaupp, A Welle, N Zydziak, E Blasco, ...
Chemical Communications 51 (65), 13000-13003, 2015
Effect of Metal Coordination Fashion on Oxygen Electrocatalysis of Cobalt–Manganese Oxides
Y Sugawara, H Kobayashi, I Honma, T Yamaguchi
ACS omega 5 (45), 29388-29397, 2020
Development of an aptamer-functionalized molecular recognition gating membrane targeting a specific protein on the basis of the aggregation phenomena of DNA–PNIPAM
Y Sugawara, T Tamaki, T Yamaghchi
Polymer 62, 86-93, 2015
Polymer‐Fullerene Network Formation via Light‐Induced Crosslinking
Y Sugawara, K Hiltebrandt, E Blasco, C Barner‐Kowollik
Macromolecular Rapid Communications 37 (17), 1466-1471, 2016
Evaluation of performance and durability of platinum–iron–copper with L10 ordered face-centered tetragonal structure as cathode catalysts in polymer electrolyte …
T Tamaki, A Koshiishi, Y Sugawara, H Kuroki, Y Oshiba, T Yamaguchi
Journal of Applied Electrochemistry 48 (7), 773-782, 2018
Conversion of a molecular signal into a visual color based on the permeation of nanoparticles through a biomolecule-recognition gating membrane
Y Sugawara, H Kuroki, T Tamaki, H Ohashi, T Ito, T Yamaguchi
Analytical Methods 4 (9), 2635-2637, 2012
A cobalt–manganese layered oxide/graphene composite as an outstanding oxygen evolution reaction electrocatalyst
H Kobayashi, Y Sugawara, T Yamaguchi, I Honma
Chemical Communications 57 (72), 9052-9055, 2021
DNA molecular recognition of intercalators affects aggregation of a thermoresponsive polymer
Y Sugawara, T Tamaki, T Yamaguchi
Polymer Chemistry 5 (16), 4612-4616, 2014
Crystal Structures of Iron‐Based Oxides and Their Catalytic Efficiencies for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction: A Trend in Alkaline Media
Y Sugawara, S Ueno, K Kamata, T Yamaguchi
ChemElectroChem 9 (9), e202101679, 2022
Comprehensive simulation to uncover the ideal properties of a hollow fiber forward osmosis membrane module for the seawater desalination process
Y Sugawara, S Amamiya, T Yamaguchi
Desalination 538, 115923, 2022
Comprehensive Structural Descriptor for Electrocatalytic Oxygen Evolution Activities of Iron Oxides
Y Sugawara, K Kamata, E Hayashi, M Itoh, Y Hamasaki, T Yamaguchi
ChemElectroChem 8 (23), 4466-4471, 2021
Metal oxide electrocatalyst support for carbon-free durable electrodes with excellent corrosion resistance at high potential conditions
Y Sugawara, T Hihara, GM Anilkumar, K Kamata, T Yamaguchi
Sustainable Energy & Fuels 5 (5), 1374-1378, 2021
Anion Exchange Membrane Water Electrolyzers: An Overview
Y Sugawara, S Sankar, S Miyanishi, R Illathvalappil, PK Gangadharan, ...
Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan 56 (1), 2210195, 2023
Switchable Aggregation Phenomena of DNA-conjugated Poly (N-isopropylacrylamide) Driven by Transformation between ssDNA and dsDNA with Control of DNA Charges and Flexibility
Y Sugawara, T Tamaki, H Ohashi, T Yamaguchi
Chemistry Letters 42 (12), 1568-1570, 2013
Autonomous Shrinking/Swelling Phenomenon Driven By Macromolecular Interchain Cross-Linking via β-Cyclodextrin–Triazole Complexation
Y Sugawara, T Takei, H Ohashi, H Kuroki, S Miyanishi, T Yamaguchi
Macromolecules 52 (22), 8551-8562, 2019
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