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GENECLASS2: a software for genetic assignment and first-generation migrant detection
S Piry, A Alapetite, JM Cornuet, D Paetkau, L Baudouin, A Estoup
Journal of heredity 95 (6), 536-539, 2004
Independent origins of cultivated coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) in the old world tropics
BF Gunn, L Baudouin, KM Olsen
Plos one 6 (6), e21143, 2011
An analysis of genetic diversity in coconut (Cocos nucifera) populations from across the geographic range using sequence-tagged microsatellites (SSRs) and AFLPs
B Teulat, C Aldam, R Trehin, P Lebrun, JHA Barker, GM Arnold, A Karp, ...
Theoretical and applied genetics 100 (5), 764-771, 2000
Genetic diversity in coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) revealed by restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) markers
P Lebrun, YP N'cho, M Seguin, L Grivet, L Baudouin
Euphytica 101 (1), 103-108, 1998
An operational Bayesian approach for the identification of sexually reproduced cross fertilized populations using molecular markers
L Baudouin, P Lebrun
International Symposium on Molecular Markers for Characterizing Genotypes …, 2000
Manual on standardized research techniques in coconut breeding
GA Santos, PA Batugal, A Othman, L Baudouin, JP Labouisse
Construction of a linkage map of the Rennell Island Tall coconut type (Cocos nucifera L.) and QTL analysis for yield characters
P Lebrun, L Baudouin, R Bourdeix, JL Konan, JHA Barker, C Aldam, ...
Genome 44 (6), 962-970, 2001
The genome draft of coconut (Cocos nucifera)
Y Xiao, P Xu, H Fan, L Baudouin, W Xia, S Bocs, J Xu, Q Li, A Guo, L Zhou, ...
Gigascience 6 (11), gix095, 2017
A new aspect of genetic diversity of Indonesian oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) revealed by isoenzyme and AFLP markers and its consequences for breeding
AR Purba, JL Noyer, L Baudouin, X Perrier, S Hamon, PJL Lagoda
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 101 (5), 956-961, 2000
Coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) DNA studies support the hypothesis of an ancient Austronesian migration from Southeast Asia to America
L Baudouin, P Lebrun
Genetic resources and crop Evolution 56 (2), 257-262, 2009
Analytical Bayesian approach for assigning individuals to populations
L Baudouin, S Piry, JM Cornuet
Journal of Heredity 95 (3), 217-224, 2004
The development of a microsatellite kit and dedicated software for use with coconuts
L Baudouin, P Lebrun
QTL analysis of fruit components in the progeny of a Rennell Island Tall coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) individual
L Baudouin, P Lebrun, JL Konan, E Ritter, A Berger, N Billotte
Theoretical and applied genetics 112 (2), 258-268, 2006
Coconut breeding
P Batugal, R Bourdeix, L Baudouin
Breeding plantation tree crops: Tropical species, 327-375, 2009
Identification of molecular markers associated with mite resistance in coconut (Cocos nucifera L.)
KV Shalini, S Manjunatha, P Lebrun, A Berger, L Baudouin, N Pirany, ...
Genome 50 (1), 35-42, 2007
Recurrent selection of tropical tree crops
L Baudouin, C Baril, A Clément-Demange, T Leroy, D Paulin
Euphytica 96 (1), 101-114, 1997
Prediction of oil palm (Elaeis guineensis, Jacq.) agronomic performances using the best linear unbiased predictor (BLUP)
AR Purba, A Flori, L Baudouin, S Hamon
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 102 (5), 787-792, 2001
Recent lethal yellowing outbreak: why is the Malayan Yellow Dwarf Coconut no longer resistant in Jamaica?
P Lebrun, L Baudouin, W Myrie, A Berger, M Dollet
Tree Genetics & Genomes 4 (1), 125-131, 2008
Use of RFLP markers to study the diversity of the coconut palm
P Lebrun, L Grivet, L Baudouin
Current advances in coconut biotechnology, 73-87, 1999
Population structures of Brazilian tall coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) by microsatellite markers
FE Ribeiro, L Baudouin, P Lebrun, LJ Chaves, C Brondani, MI Zucchi, ...
Genetics and Molecular Biology 33, 696-702, 2010
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