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Hypoxia induces myocardial regeneration in zebrafish
C Jopling, G Suné, A Faucherre, C Fabregat, JC Izpisua Belmonte
Circulation 126 (25), 3017-3027, 2012
Piezo1 plays a role in erythrocyte volume homeostasis
A Faucherre, K Kissa, J Nargeot, ME Mangoni, C Jopling
Haematologica 99 (1), 70, 2014
Afferent neurons of the zebrafish lateral line are strict selectors of hair-cell orientation
A Faucherre, J Pujol-Martí, K Kawakami, H López-Schier
PloS one 4 (2), e4477, 2009
Lowe syndrome protein OCRL1 interacts with Rac GTPase in the trans-Golgi network
A Faucherre, P Desbois, V Satre, J Lunardi, O Dorseuil, G Gacon
Human molecular genetics 12 (19), 2449-2456, 2003
Zebrafish pten genes have overlapping and non-redundant functions in tumorigenesis and embryonic development
A Faucherre, GS Taylor, J Overvoorde, JE Dixon, J Den Hertog
Oncogene 27 (8), 1079-1086, 2008
Lowe syndrome protein Ocrl1 is translocated to membrane ruffles upon Rac GTPase activation: a new perspective on Lowe syndrome pathophysiology
A Faucherre, P Desbois, F Nagano, V Satre, J Lunardi, G Gacon, ...
Human molecular genetics 14 (11), 1441-1448, 2005
piezo2b regulates vertebrate light touch response
A Faucherre, J Nargeot, ME Mangoni, C Jopling
Journal of Neuroscience 33 (43), 17089-17094, 2013
OptoGluNAM4. 1, a photoswitchable allosteric antagonist for real-time control of mGlu4 receptor activity
X Rovira, A Trapero, S Pittolo, C Zussy, A Faucherre, C Jopling, J Giraldo, ...
Cell chemical biology 23 (8), 929-934, 2016
Illuminating phenylazopyridines to photoswitch metabotropic glutamate receptors: from the flask to the animals
X Gómez-Santacana, S Pittolo, X Rovira, M Lopez, C Zussy, JAR Dalton, ...
ACS central science 3 (1), 81-91, 2017
Neuronal birth order identifies a dimorphic sensorineural map
J Pujol-Martí, A Zecca, JP Baudoin, A Faucherre, K Asakawa, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 32 (9), 2976-2987, 2012
Piezo1 is required for outflow tract and aortic valve development.
A Faucherre, HM ou Maati, N Nasr, A Pinard, A Theron, G Odelin, ...
Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology 143, 51-62, 2020
High-resolution live imaging reveals axon-glia interactions during peripheral nerve injury and repair in zebrafish
Y Xiao, A Faucherre, L Pola-Morell, JM Heddleston, TL Liu, TL Chew, ...
Disease models & mechanisms 8 (6), 553-564, 2015
Differential impact of dose-range glyphosate on locomotor behavior, neuronal activity, glio-cerebrovascular structures, and transcript regulations in zebrafish larvae
I Forner-Piquer, A Faucherre, J Byram, M Blaquiere, F de Bock, ...
Chemosphere 267, 128986, 2021
Converging axons collectively initiate and maintain synaptic selectivity in a constantly remodeling sensory organ
J Pujol-Martí, A Faucherre, R Aziz-Bose, A Asgharsharghi, J Colombelli, ...
Current Biology 24 (24), 2968-2974, 2014
Progressive neurogenesis defines lateralis somatotopy
J Pujol‐Martí, JP Baudoin, A Faucherre, K Kawakami, H López‐Schier
Developmental Dynamics 239 (7), 1919-1930, 2010
Delaying Gal4-driven gene expression in the zebrafish with morpholinos and Gal80
A Faucherre, H López-Schier
PLoS One 6 (1), e16587, 2011
Deciphering DSC2 arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy electrical instability: From ion channels to ECG and tailored drug therapy
A Moreau, JB Reisqs, H Delanoe‐Ayari, M Pierre, A Janin, A Deliniere, ...
Clinical and translational medicine 11 (3), e319, 2021
New role of TRPM4 channel in the cardiac excitation-contraction coupling in response to physiological and pathological hypertrophy in mouse
C Hedon, K Lambert, N Chakouri, J Thireau, F Aimond, C Cassan, ...
Progress in biophysics and molecular biology 159, 105-117, 2021
Multispectral four-dimensional imaging reveals that evoked activity modulates peripheral arborization and the selection of plane-polarized targets by sensory neurons
A Faucherre, JP Baudoin, J Pujol-Martí, H López-Schier
Development 137 (10), 1635-1643, 2010
Hair cell identity establishes labeled lines of directional mechanosensation
M Lozano-Ortega, G Valera, Y Xiao, A Faucherre, H López-Schier
PLoS biology 16 (7), e2004404, 2018
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