Giovanni Buccino
Giovanni Buccino
Università San Raffaele, Milano
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Action observation activates premotor and parietal areas in a somatotopic manner: an fMRI study
G Buccino, F Binkofski, GR Fink, L Fadiga, L Fogassi, V Gallese, RJ Seitz, ...
Social neuroscience, 133-141, 2013
Grasping the intentions of others with one's own mirror neuron system
M Iacoboni, I Molnar-Szakacs, V Gallese, G Buccino, JC Mazziotta, ...
PLoS biology 3 (3), e79, 2005
Listening to action-related sentences activates fronto-parietal motor circuits
M Tettamanti, G Buccino, MC Saccuman, V Gallese, M Danna, P Scifo, ...
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Speech listening specifically modulates the excitability of tongue muscles: a TMS study
L Fadiga, L Craighero, G Buccino, G Rizzolatti
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Neural circuits underlying imitation learning of hand actions: an event-related fMRI study
G Buccino, S Vogt, A Ritzl, GR Fink, K Zilles, HJ Freund, G Rizzolatti
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Neural circuits involved in the recognition of actions performed by nonconspecifics: An fMRI study
G Buccino, F Lui, N Canessa, I Patteri, G Lagravinese, F Benuzzi, ...
Journal of cognitive neuroscience 16 (1), 114-126, 2004
Listening to action-related sentences modulates the activity of the motor system: a combined TMS and behavioral study
G Buccino, L Riggio, G Melli, F Binkofski, V Gallese, G Rizzolatti
Cognitive Brain Research 24 (3), 355-363, 2005
A fronto‐parietal circuit for object manipulation in man: evidence from an fMRI‐study
F Binkofski, G Buccino, S Posse, RJ Seitz, G Rizzolatti, HJ Freund
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D Ertelt, S Small, A Solodkin, C Dettmers, A McNamara, F Binkofski, ...
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The mirror neuron system and action recognition
G Buccino, F Binkofski, L Riggio
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Corticospinal excitability is specifically modulated by motor imagery: a magnetic stimulation study
L Fadiga, G Buccino, L Craighero, L Fogassi, V Gallese, G Pavesi
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Processing abstract language modulates motor system activity
AM Glenberg, M Sato, L Cattaneo, L Riggio, D Palumbo, G Buccino
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Functions of the mirror neuron system: implications for neurorehabilitation
G Buccino, A Solodkin, SL Small
Cognitive and behavioral neurology 19 (1), 55-63, 2006
Cortical mechanism for the visual guidance of hand grasping movements in the monkey: A reversible inactivation study
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A parieto-premotor network for object manipulation: evidence from neuroimaging
F Binkofski, G Buccino, KM Stephan, G Rizzolatti, RJ Seitz, HJ Freund
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Action observation treatment: a novel tool in neurorehabilitation
G Buccino
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 369 …, 2014
Prefrontal involvement in imitation learning of hand actions: effects of practice and expertise
S Vogt, G Buccino, AM Wohlschläger, N Canessa, NJ Shah, K Zilles, ...
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Motor functions of the Broca’s region
F Binkofski, G Buccino
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R Gatti, A Tettamanti, PM Gough, E Riboldi, L Marinoni, G Buccino
Neuroscience letters 540, 37-42, 2013
The role of ventral premotor cortex in action execution and action understanding
F Binkofski, G Buccino
Journal of Physiology-Paris 99 (4-6), 396-405, 2006
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