Amelie Eriksson Karlström
Amelie Eriksson Karlström
Professor in Molecular Biotechnology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology
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Surface charge sensitivity of silicon nanowires: Size dependence
N Elfström, R Juhasz, I Sychugov, T Engfeldt, AE Karlström, J Linnros
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Silicon nanoribbons for electrical detection of biomolecules
N Elfström, AE Karlström, J Linnros
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Affibody molecules in biotechnological and medical applications
S Ståhl, T Gräslund, AE Karlström, FY Frejd, PÅ Nygren, J Löfblom
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99mTc-maEEE-ZHER2:342, an Affibody Molecule-Based Tracer for the Detection of HER2 Expression in Malignant Tumors
T Tran, T Engfeldt, A Orlova, M Sandström, J Feldwisch, L Abrahmsén, ...
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Imaging of HER2-expressing tumours using a synthetic Affibody molecule containing the 99mTc-chelating mercaptoacetyl-glycyl-glycyl-glycyl (MAG3) sequence
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Chemical synthesis of triple‐labelled three‐helix bundle binding proteins for specific fluorescent detection of unlabelled protein
T Engfeldt, B Renberg, H Brumer, PÅ Nygren, A Eriksson Karlström
Chembiochem 6 (6), 1043-1050, 2005
99mTc-chelator engineering to improve tumour targeting properties of a HER2-specific Affibody molecule
T Engfeldt, T Tran, A Orlova, C Widström, J Feldwisch, L Abrahmsen, ...
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In Vivo Evaluation of Cysteine-Based Chelators for Attachment of 99mTc to Tumor-Targeting Affibody Molecules
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Development and preclinical characterisation of 99mTc-labelled Affibody molecules with reduced renal uptake
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Dual labeling of a binding protein allows for specific fluorescence detection of native protein
A Karlström, PÅ Nygren
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Using antibody catalysis to study the outcome of multiple evolutionary trials of a chemical task
A Karlstrom, G Zhong, C Rader, NA Larsen, A Heine, R Fuller, B List, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 97 (8), 3878-3883, 2000
Effects of Lysine-Containing Mercaptoacetyl-Based Chelators on the Biodistribution of 99mTc-Labeled Anti-HER2 Affibody Molecules
TA Tran, T Ekblad, A Orlova, M Sandström, J Feldwisch, A Wennborg, ...
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A new protecting group for aspartic acid that minimizes piperidine-catalyzed aspartimide formation in Fmoc solid phase peptide synthesis
A Karlström, A Undén
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Ultra-localized single cell electroporation using silicon nanowires
N Jokilaakso, E Salm, A Chen, L Millet, CD Guevara, B Dorvel, B Reddy, ...
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Comparative evaluation of synthetic anti-HER2 Affibody molecules site-specifically labelled with 111In using N-terminal DOTA, NOTA and NODAGA chelators in …
J Malmberg, A Perols, Z Varasteh, M Altai, A Braun, M Sandström, ...
European journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging 39 (3), 481-492, 2012
186Re-maSGS-ZHER2:342, a potential Affibody conjugate for systemic therapy of HER2-expressing tumours
A Orlova, TA Tran, T Ekblad, AE Karlström, V Tolmachev
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Pre-clinical evaluation of [111In]-benzyl-DOTA-ZHER2: 342, a potential agent for imaging of HER2 expression in malignant tumors
A Orlova, T Tran, C Widström, T Engfeldt, A Eriksson Karlström, ...
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Feasibility of affibody-based bioorthogonal chemistry–mediated radionuclide pretargeting
M Altai, A Perols, M Tsourma, B Mitran, H Honarvar, M Robillard, ...
Journal of Nuclear Medicine 57 (3), 431-436, 2016
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