Brian Seger
Brian Seger
Technical University of Denmark, University of Queensland, University of Notre Dame
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Progress and Perspectives of Electrochemical CO2 Reduction on Copper in Aqueous Electrolyte
S Nitopi, E Bertheussen, SB Scott, X Liu, AK Engstfeld, S Horch, B Seger, ...
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Electrocatalytically active graphene-platinum nanocomposites. Role of 2-D carbon support in PEM fuel cells
B Seger, PV Kamat
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Decorating graphene sheets with gold nanoparticles
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Recent development in hydrogen evolution reaction catalysts and their practical implementation
PCK Vesborg, B Seger, IB Chorkendorff
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Understanding cation effects in electrochemical CO 2 reduction
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B Seger, T Pedersen, AB Laursen, PCK Vesborg, O Hansen, ...
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Insights into the carbon balance for CO 2 electroreduction on Cu using gas diffusion electrode reactor designs
M Ma, EL Clark, KT Therkildsen, S Dalsgaard, I Chorkendorff, B Seger
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Nitrogen Doped Sr2Ta2O7 Coupled with Graphene Sheets as Photocatalysts for Increased Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production
A Mukherji, B Seger, GQ Lu, L Wang
ACS nano 5 (5), 3483-3492, 2011
Hydrogen production using a molybdenum sulfide catalyst on a titanium-protected n (+) p-silicon photocathode.
B Seger, AB Laursen, PC Vesborg, T Pedersen, O Hansen, S Dahl, ...
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S Ardo, DF Rivas, MA Modestino, VS Greiving, FF Abdi, EA Llado, ...
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Analysis of Mass Flows and Membrane Cross-over in CO2 Reduction at High Current Densities in an MEA-Type Electrolyzer
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Anchoring ZnO particles on functionalized single wall carbon nanotubes. Excited state interactions and charge collection
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Scalability and feasibility of photoelectrochemical H 2 evolution: the ultimate limit of Pt nanoparticle as an HER catalyst
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Fuel Cell Geared in Reverse: Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production Using a TiO2/Nafion/Pt Membrane Assembly with No Applied Bias
B Seger, PV Kamat
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 113 (43), 18946-18952, 2009
New light‐harvesting materials using accurate and efficient bandgap calculations
IE Castelli, F Hüser, M Pandey, H Li, KS Thygesen, B Seger, A Jain, ...
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2-Photon tandem device for water splitting: comparing photocathode first versus photoanode first designs
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How interplay between photo and thermal activation dictates halide ion segregation in mixed halide perovskites
T Elmelund, B Seger, M Kuno, PV Kamat
ACS Energy Letters 5 (1), 56-63, 2019
Integrating a dual-silicon photoelectrochemical cell into a redox flow battery for unassisted photocharging
S Liao, X Zong, B Seger, T Pedersen, T Yao, C Ding, J Shi, J Chen, C Li
Nature Communications 7 (1), 11474, 2016
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