Katharina J. Franke
Katharina J. Franke
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Competition of superconducting phenomena and Kondo screening at the nanoscale
KJ Franke, G Schulze, JI Pascual
Science 332 (6032), 940-944, 2011
End states and subgap structure in proximity-coupled chains of magnetic adatoms
M Ruby, F Pientka, Y Peng, F von Oppen, BW Heinrich, KJ Franke
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Long-range repulsive interaction between molecules on a metal surface induced by charge transfer
I Fernandez-Torrente, S Monturet, KJ Franke, J Fraxedas, N Lorente, ...
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Charged and metallic molecular monolayers through surface-induced aromatic stabilization
G Heimel, S Duhm, I Salzmann, A Gerlach, A Strozecka, J Niederhausen, ...
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Vibrational Kondo effect in pure organic charge-transfer assemblies
I Fernández-Torrente, KJ Franke, JI Pascual
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Quasicrystalline epitaxial single element monolayers on icosahedral Al-Pd-Mn and decagonal Al-Ni-Co quasicrystal surfaces
KJ Franke, HR Sharma, W Theis, P Gille, P Ebert, KH Rieder
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Spectroscopy of C60 single molecules: the role of screening on energy level alignment
IF Torrente, KJ Franke, JI Pascual
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 20 (18), 184001, 2008
Resonant Electron Heating and Molecular Phonon Cooling in Single Junctions
G Schulze, KJ Franke, A Gagliardi, G Romano, CS Lin, AL Rosa, ...
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Formation of dispersive hybrid bands at an organic-metal interface
N Gonzalez-Lakunza, I Fernández-Torrente, KJ Franke, N Lorente, ...
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BW Heinrich, L Braun, JI Pascual, KJ Franke
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M Ruby, F Pientka, Y Peng, F von Oppen, BW Heinrich, KJ Franke
Physical review letters 115 (8), 087001, 2015
Single magnetic adsorbates on s-wave superconductors
BW Heinrich, JI Pascual, KJ Franke
Progress in Surface Science 93 (1), 1-19, 2018
Reducing the Molecule-Substrate Coupling in -Based Nanostructures by Molecular Interactions
KJ Franke, G Schulze, N Henningsen, I Fernández-Torrente, JI Pascual, ...
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Exploring a proximity-coupled Co chain on Pb (110) as a possible Majorana platform
M Ruby, BW Heinrich, Y Peng, F von Oppen, KJ Franke
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Magnetic anisotropy in Shiba bound states across a quantum phase transition
N Hatter, BW Heinrich, M Ruby, JI Pascual, KJ Franke
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Tuning the magnetic anisotropy of single molecules
BW Heinrich, L Braun, JI Pascual, KJ Franke
Nano Letters 15 (6), 4024-4028, 2015
Inducing the rotation of a single phenyl ring with tunneling electrons
N Henningsen, KJ Franke, IF Torrente, G Schulze, B Priewisch, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 111 (40), 14843-14848, 2007
Orbital picture of yu-shiba-rusinov multiplets
M Ruby, Y Peng, F von Oppen, BW Heinrich, KJ Franke
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Change of the magnetic coupling of a metal–organic complex with the substrate by a stepwise ligand reaction
BW Heinrich, G Ahmadi, VL Müller, L Braun, JI Pascual, KJ Franke
Nano letters 13 (10), 4840-4843, 2013
Structure and electronic configuration of tetracyanoquinodimethane layers on a Au (1 1 1) surface
IF Torrente, KJ Franke, JI Pascual
International Journal of Mass Spectrometry 277 (1-3), 269-273, 2008
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