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Atomic-scale control of friction by actuation of nanometer-sized contacts
A Socoliuc, E Gnecco, S Maier, O Pfeiffer, A Baratoff, R Bennewitz, ...
Science 313 (5784), 207-210, 2006
Water Splits Epitaxial Graphene and Intercalates
X Feng, S Maier, M Salmeron
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (12), 5662-5668, 2012
Hierarchical on-surface synthesis and electronic structure of carbonyl-functionalized one-and two-dimensional covalent nanoarchitectures
C Steiner, J Gebhardt, M Ammon, Z Yang, A Heidenreich, N Hammer, ...
Nature Communications 8, 14765, 2017
Fluctuations and jump dynamics in atomic friction experiments
S Maier, Y Sang, T Filleter, M Grant, R Bennewitz, E Gnecco, E Meyer
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How Does Water Wet a Surface?
S Maier, M Salmeron
Accounts of chemical research 48 (10), 2783-2790, 2015
Observation of individual molecules trapped on a nanostructured insulator
L Nony, E Gnecco, A Baratoff, A Alkauskas, R Bennewitz, O Pfeiffer, ...
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On-surface Synthesis of Porous Carbon Nanoribbons from Polymer Chains
M Ammon, T Sander, S Maier
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (37), 12976–12984, 2017
Metal-and hydrogen-bonding competition during water adsorption on Pd (111) and Ru (0001)
M Tatarkhanov, DF Ogletree, F Rose, T Mitsui, E Fomin, S Maier, M Rose, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (51), 18425-18434, 2009
Growth and Structure of the First Layers of Ice on Ru (0001) and Pt (111)
S Maier, BAJ Lechner, GA Somorjai, M Salmeron
Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 (9), 3145-3151, 2016
Two-dimensional simulation of superlubricity on NaCl and highly oriented pyrolytic graphite
P Steiner, R Roth, E Gnecco, A Baratoff, S Maier, T Glatzel, E Meyer
Physical Review B 79 (4), 045414, 2009
Nanoscale engineering of molecular porphyrin wires on insulating surfaces
S Maier, LA Fendt, L Zimmerli, T Glatzel, O Pfeiffer, F Diederich, E Meyer
Small 4 (8), 1115-1118, 2008
Graphene growth by metal etching on Ru (0001)
E Starodub, S Maier, I Stass, NC Bartelt, PJ Feibelman, M Salmeron, ...
Physical Review B 80 (23), 235422, 2009
Dehydrative π-extension to nanographenes with zig-zag edges
D Lungerich, O Papaianina, M Feofanov, J Liu, M Devarajulu, SI Troyanov, ...
Nature Communications 9 (1), 4756, 2018
Sensing current and forces with SPM
JY Park, S Maier, B Hendriksen, M Salmeron
Materials Today 13 (10), 38-45, 2010
Unveiling the Mechanism of Water Partial Dissociation on Ru (0001)
S Maier, I Stass, JI Cerdá, M Salmeron
Physical Review Letters 112 (12), 126101, 2014
Two-dimensional delocalized states in organometallic bis-acetylide networks on Ag (111)
Z Yang, J Gebhardt, TA Schaub, T Sander, J Schönamsgruber, H Soni, ...
Nanoscale 10 (8), 3769-3776, 2018
Atomic-scale friction modulated by a buried interface: Combined atomic and friction force microscopy experiments
S Maier, E Gnecco, A Baratoff, R Bennewitz, E Meyer
Physical Review B 78 (4), 045432, 2008
Water at surfaces and interfaces: From molecules to ice and bulk liquid
TK Shimizu, S Maier, A Verdaguer, JJ Velasco-Velez, M Salmeron
Progress in Surface Science 93 (4), 87-107, 2018
Atomic-scale yield and dislocation nucleation in KBr
T Filleter, S Maier, R Bennewitz
Physical Review B 73 (15), 155433, 2006
Adsorbed water-molecule hexagons with unexpected rotations in islands on Ru (0001) and Pd (111)
S Maier, I Stass, T Mitsui, PJ Feibelman, K Thürmer, M Salmeron
Physical Review B 85 (15), 155434, 2012
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