Sheik Md Kazi Nazrul Islam, PhD
Sheik Md Kazi Nazrul Islam, PhD
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Significant enhancement of figure-of-merit in carbon-reinforced Cu2Se nanocrystalline solids
L Zhao, SMKN Islam, J Wang, DL Cortie, X Wang, Z Cheng, J Wang, N Ye, ...
Nano Energy, 2017
Ultra-High Thermoelectric Performance in Graphene Incorporated Cu2Se: Role of Mismatching Phonon Modes
M Li, DL Cortie, J Liu, D Yu, SMKN Islam, L Zhao, DRG Mitchell, RA Mole, ...
Nano Energy, 2018
Giant enhancement of the figure-of-merit over a broad temperature range in nano-boron incorporated Cu 2 Se
SMKN Islam, M Li, U Aydemir, X Shi, L Chen, GJ Snyder, X Wang
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6 (38), 18409-18416, 2018
Ultrahigh figure‐of‐merit of Cu2Se incorporated with carbon coated boron nanoparticles
M Li, SMKN Islam, M Yahyaoglu, D Pan, X Shi, L Chen, U Aydemir, ...
InfoMat, 2019
Significantly enhanced figure-of-merit in graphene nanoplate incorporated Cu2Se fabricated by spark plasma sintering
M Li, SMKN Islam, S Dou, X Wang
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 769, 59-64, 2018
Photocatalytic efficiency of mill scale for the degradation of textile dye by photo Fenton and photo-ferrioxalate system under UV and sunlight
SMKN Islam, ASW Kurny, F Gulshan
Environment and Ecology Research 1 (3), 129-134, 2013
Sustainable powered microcontroller-based intelligent security system for local and remote area applications
T Ahmed, SMKN Islam, I Chowdhury, S Binzaid
2012 International Conference on Informatics, Electronics & Vision (ICIEV …, 2012
Degradation of Commercial Dyes Using Mill Scale by photo-Fenton
SMKN Islam, ASW Kurny, F Gulshan
Environmental Processes 2 (1), 215-224, 2015
Enhancement of thermoelectric properties of La-doped SrTiO3 bulk by introducing nanoscale porosity
AJ Ahmed, SMKN Islam, R Hossain, J Kim, M Kim, M Billah, MSA Hossain, ...
Royal Society Open Science 6 (10), 190870, 2019
Magnetic chitosan micron spheres: Synthesis and adsorption property for Cu2+
LIJ Jun, BAO Xu, WUX Feng, I Nazrul, LIU Yin, QS Yuan, YU Zhen-Wei, ...
Chinese Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 33 (3), 383-388, 2017
Significant Improvement in Electrical Conductivity and Figure-of-merit of Nanoarchitectured Porous SrTiO3 by La Doping Optimization
AJ Ahmed, MSA Hossain, SMK Nazrul Islam, F Yun, G Yang, R Hossain, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2020
Enhancing the Thermoelectric Performance of Polycrystalline SnSe by Decoupling Electrical and Thermal Transport through Carbon Fiber Incorporation
G Yang, L Sang, M Li, SM Kazi Nazrul Islam, Z Yue, L Liu, J Li, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12 (11), 12910-12918, 2020
Graphene Inclusion Induced Ultralow Thermal Conductivity and Improved Figure of Merit in p-type SnSe
L Chen, W Zhao, M Li, G Yang, SMKN Islam, D Mitchell, ZX Cheng, ...
Nanoscale, 2020
Interfacial Microstructure, Microhardness and Tensile Properties of Al Micro Particle Doped Sn 9Zn Eutectic Pb Free Solder Alloy for Microelectronics Applications
SMKN Islam, A Sharif, T Alam
Design and Implementation of a Microcontroller Based 12V-7A/10A Smart Solar Battery Charge Controller
ASMJ Hoque, SM Kazi, N Islam, MA Siddik, S Ahamed
New Design of Solar Photovoltaic and Thermal Hybrid System for Performance Improvement of Solar Photovoltaic
R Hossain, AJ Ahmed, SMKN Islam, N Saha, P Debnath, AZ Kouzani, ...
International Journal of Photoenergy 2020, 6, 2020
Grape juice: an effective liquid additive for significant enhancement of thermoelectric performance in Cu2Se
SMKN Islam, M Cortie, X Wang
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2020
NiO-nanofillers embedded in graphite/PVA-polymer matrix for efficient electromagnetic radiation shielding
T Al Zoubi, B Albiss, MA Al-Akhras, H Qutaish, E Alabed, S Nazrul
AIP Conference Proceedings 2083 (1), 020002, 2019
High Thermoelectric performance of CoSb3 based skutterudite fabricated by Spark Plasma Sintering
R Hossain, AJ Ahmed, SMKN Islam, X Wang
2019 International Symposium on Future Materials, Australia, P.S. 29, 2019
Optimization of La-doping for the Improvement of Thermoelectric Performance of Mesoporous SrTiO3
AJ Ahmed, R Hossain, SMKN Islam, MSA Hossain, Y Yamauchi, X Wang
2019 International Symposium on Future Materials, Australia, PS 44, 2019
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