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Overview on micro-and nanomechanical testing: New insights in interface plasticity and fracture at small length scales
G Dehm, BN Jaya, R Raghavan, C Kirchlechner
Acta Materialia 142, 248-282, 2018
Can microscale fracture tests provide reliable fracture toughness values? A case study in silicon
BN Jaya, C Kirchlechner, G Dehm
Journal of Materials Research 30 (5), 686-698, 2015
Differences in deformation behavior of bicrystalline Cu micropillars containing a twin boundary or a large-angle grain boundary
PJ Imrich, C Kirchlechner, C Motz, G Dehm
Acta Materialia 73, 240-250, 2014
Superlattice effect for enhanced fracture toughness of hard coatings
R Hahn, M Bartosik, R Soler, C Kirchlechner, G Dehm, PH Mayrhofer
Scripta Materialia 124, 67-70, 2016
Impact of instrumental constraints and imperfections on the dislocation structure in micron-sized Cu compression pillars
C Kirchlechner, J Keckes, C Motz, W Grosinger, MW Kapp, JS Micha, ...
Acta Materialia 59 (14), 5618-5626, 2011
Effects of structure and interfaces on fracture toughness of CrN/AlN multilayer coatings
M Schlögl, C Kirchlechner, J Paulitsch, J Keckes, PH Mayrhofer
Scripta materialia 68 (12), 917-920, 2013
Advanced nanomechanics in the TEM: effects of thermal annealing on FIB prepared Cu samples
D Kiener, Z Zhang, S Šturm, S Cazottes, PJ Imrich, C Kirchlechner, ...
Philosophical Magazine 92 (25-27), 3269-3289, 2012
Dislocation storage in single slip-oriented Cu micro-tensile samples: new insights via X-ray microdiffraction
C Kirchlechner, D Kiener, C Motz, S Labat, N Vaxelaire, O Perroud, ...
Philosophical Magazine 91 (7-9), 1256-1264, 2011
Microscale fracture behavior of single crystal silicon beams at elevated temperatures
BN Jaya, JM Wheeler, J Wehrs, JP Best, R Soler, J Michler, ...
Nano letters 16 (12), 7597-7603, 2016
The influence of a brittle Cr interlayer on the deformation behavior of thin Cu films on flexible substrates: Experiment and model
VM Marx, F Toth, A Wiesinger, J Berger, C Kirchlechner, MJ Cordill, ...
Acta materialia 89, 278-289, 2015
Methodology for studying strain inhomogeneities in polycrystalline thin films during in situ thermal loading using coherent x-ray diffraction
N Vaxelaire, H Proudhon, S Labat, C Kirchlechner, J Keckes, V Jacques, ...
New Journal of Physics 12 (3), 035018, 2010
Deformation‐Induced Martensite: A New Paradigm for Exceptional Steels
S Djaziri, Y Li, GA Nematollahi, B Grabowski, S Goto, C Kirchlechner, ...
Advanced Materials 28 (35), 7753-7757, 2016
Expected and unexpected plastic behavior at the micron scale: An in situ μLaue tensile study
C Kirchlechner, PJ Imrich, W Grosinger, MW Kapp, J Keckes, JS Micha, ...
Acta Materialia 60 (3), 1252-1258, 2012
Internal and external stresses: In situ TEM compression of Cu bicrystals containing a twin boundary
PJ Imrich, C Kirchlechner, D Kiener, G Dehm
Scripta Materialia 100, 94-97, 2015
In Situ µLaue: Instrumental Setup for the Deformation of Micron Sized Samples
C Kirchlechner, J Keckes, JS Micha, G Dehm
Advanced Engineering Materials 13 (8), 837-844, 2011
In situ TEM microcompression of single and bicrystalline samples: insights and limitations
PJ Imrich, C Kirchlechner, D Kiener, G Dehm
Jom 67 (8), 1704-1712, 2015
Measuring electro-mechanical properties of thin films on polymer substrates
MJ Cordill, O Glushko, J Kreith, VM Marx, C Kirchlechner
Microelectronic engineering 137, 96-100, 2015
An in-situ high-energy X-ray diffraction study on the hot-deformation behavior of a β-phase containing TiAl alloy
T Schmoelzer, KD Liss, C Kirchlechner, S Mayer, A Stark, M Peel, ...
Intermetallics 39, 25-33, 2013
X-ray diffraction analysis of three-dimensional residual stress fields reveals origins of thermal fatigue in uncoated and coated steel
C Kirchlechner, KJ Martinschitz, R Daniel, C Mitterer, J Donges, ...
Scripta Materialia 62 (10), 774-777, 2010
Investigation of reversible plasticity in a micron-sized, single crystalline copper bending beam by X-ray μ Laue diffraction
C Kirchlechner, W Grosinger, MW Kapp, PJ Imrich, JS Micha, O Ulrich, ...
Philosophical Magazine 92 (25-27), 3231-3242, 2012
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