Nicholas Ingolia
Nicholas Ingolia
Associate Professor, UC Berkeley
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Mammalian microRNAs predominantly act to decrease target mRNA levels
H Guo, NT Ingolia, JS Weissman, DP Bartel
Nature 466 (7308), 835-840, 2010
Genome-wide analysis in vivo of translation with nucleotide resolution using ribosome profiling
NT Ingolia, S Ghaemmaghami, JRS Newman, JS Weissman
science 324 (5924), 218-223, 2009
Ribosome profiling of mouse embryonic stem cells reveals the complexity and dynamics of mammalian proteomes
NT Ingolia, LF Lareau, JS Weissman
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The translational landscape of mTOR signalling steers cancer initiation and metastasis
AC Hsieh, Y Liu, MP Edlind, NT Ingolia, MR Janes, A Sher, EY Shi, ...
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The ribosome profiling strategy for monitoring translation in vivo by deep sequencing of ribosome-protected mRNA fragments
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Ribosome profiling provides evidence that large noncoding RNAs do not encode proteins
M Guttman, P Russell, NT Ingolia, JS Weissman, ES Lander
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Ribosome profiling: new views of translation, from single codons to genome scale
NT Ingolia
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Decoding human cytomegalovirus
N Stern-Ginossar, B Weisburd, A Michalski, VTK Le, MY Hein, SX Huang, ...
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Ribosome profiling reveals pervasive translation outside of annotated protein-coding genes
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High-resolution view of the yeast meiotic program revealed by ribosome profiling
GA Brar, M Yassour, N Friedman, A Regev, NT Ingolia, JS Weissman
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The small molecule ISRIB reverses the effects of eIF2α phosphorylation on translation and stress granule assembly
C Sidrauski, AM McGeachy, NT Ingolia, P Walter
elife 4, e05033, 2015
Identification of long-lived proteins reveals exceptional stability of essential cellular structures
BH Toyama, JN Savas, SK Park, MS Harris, NT Ingolia, JR Yates, ...
Cell 154 (5), 971-982, 2013
Molecular basis of infrared detection by snakes
EO Gracheva, NT Ingolia, YM Kelly, JF Cordero-Morales, G Hollopeter, ...
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Ribosome footprint profiling of translation throughout the genome
NT Ingolia
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NJ McGlincy, NT Ingolia
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Causal signals between codon bias, mRNA structure, and the efficiency of translation and elongation
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Molecular systems biology 10 (12), 770, 2014
PtdIns4P synthesis by PI4KIIIα at the plasma membrane and its impact on plasma membrane identity
F Nakatsu, JM Baskin, J Chung, LB Tanner, G Shui, SY Lee, M Pirruccello, ...
Journal of cell biology 199 (6), 1003-1016, 2012
Ubiquitination of stalled ribosome triggers ribosome-associated quality control
Y Matsuo, K Ikeuchi, Y Saeki, S Iwasaki, C Schmidt, T Udagawa, F Sato, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 159, 2017
Rocaglates convert DEAD-box protein eIF4A into a sequence-selective translational repressor
S Iwasaki, SN Floor, NT Ingolia
Nature 534 (7608), 558-561, 2016
Ganglion-specific splicing of TRPV1 underlies infrared sensation in vampire bats
EO Gracheva, JF Cordero-Morales, JA González-Carcacía, NT Ingolia, ...
Nature 476 (7358), 88-91, 2011
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