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Aberrant excitatory neuronal activity and compensatory remodeling of inhibitory hippocampal circuits in mouse models of Alzheimer's disease
JJ Palop, J Chin, ED Roberson, J Wang, MT Thwin, N Bien-Ly, J Yoo, ...
Neuron 55 (5), 697-711, 2007
Dysfunction in GABA signalling mediates autism-like stereotypies and Rett syndrome phenotypes
HT Chao, H Chen, RC Samaco, M Xue, M Chahrour, J Yoo, JL Neul, ...
Nature 468 (7321), 263-269, 2010
Mutation of the Angelman ubiquitin ligase in mice causes increased cytoplasmic p53 and deficits of contextual learning and long-term potentiation
Y Jiang, D Armstrong, U Albrecht, CM Atkins, JL Noebels, G Eichele, ...
Neuron 21 (4), 799-811, 1998
Mice with truncated MeCP2 recapitulate many Rett syndrome features and display hyperacetylation of histone H3
MD Shahbazian, JI Young, LA Yuva-Paylor, CM Spencer, BA Antalffy, ...
Neuron 35 (2), 243-254, 2002
Amyloid-β/Fyn–induced synaptic, network, and cognitive impairments depend on tau levels in multiple mouse models of Alzheimer's disease
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Mild overexpression of MeCP2 causes a progressive neurological disorder in mice
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Large expansion of the ATTCT pentanucleotide repeat in spinocerebellar ataxia type 10
T Matsuura, T Yamagata, DL Burgess, A Rasmussen, RP Grewal, ...
Nature genetics 26 (2), 191-194, 2000
Mice lacking Dlx1 show subtype-specific loss of interneurons, reduced inhibition and epilepsy
I Cobos, ME Calcagnotto, AJ Vilaythong, MT Thwin, JL Noebels, ...
Nature neuroscience 8 (8), 1059-1068, 2005
Mutation of the Ca2+ channel β subunit gene Cchb4 is associated with ataxia and seizures in the lethargic (lh) mouse
DL Burgess, JM Jones, MH Meisler, JL Noebels
Cell 88 (3), 385-392, 1997
Mutation in AP-3 δ in the mocha mouse links endosomal transport to storage deficiency in platelets, melanosomes, and synaptic vesicles
P Kantheti, X Qiao, ME Diaz, AA Peden, GE Meyer, SL Carskadon, ...
Neuron 21 (1), 111-122, 1998
Identification of diverse astrocyte populations and their malignant analogs
CC John Lin, K Yu, A Hatcher, TW Huang, HK Lee, J Carlson, MC Weston, ...
Nature neuroscience 20 (3), 396-405, 2017
“Jasper’s basic mechanisms of the epilepsies” workshop
JL Noebels, M Avoli, M Rogawski, R Olsen, AV Delgado‐Escueta
Epilepsia 51, 1-5, 2010
Sensorineural deafness and seizures in mice lacking vesicular glutamate transporter 3
RP Seal, O Akil, E Yi, CM Weber, L Grant, J Yoo, A Clause, K Kandler, ...
Neuron 57 (2), 263-275, 2008
BK channel β4 subunit reduces dentate gyrus excitability and protects against temporal lobe seizures
R Brenner, QH Chen, A Vilaythong, GM Toney, JL Noebels, RW Aldrich
Nature neuroscience 8 (12), 1752-1759, 2005
Epilepsy in mice deficient in the 65-kDa isoform of glutamic acid decarboxylase
SF Kash, RS Johnson, LH Tecott, JL Noebels, RD Mayfield, D Hanahan, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 94 (25), 14060-14065, 1997
Genetic disruption of cortical interneuron development causes region-and GABA cell type-specific deficits, epilepsy, and behavioral dysfunction
EM Powell, DB Campbell, GD Stanwood, C Davis, JL Noebels, P Levitt
Journal of Neuroscience 23 (2), 622-631, 2003
Loss of BETA2/NeuroD leads to malformation of the dentate gyrus and epilepsy
M Liu, SJ Pleasure, AE Collins, JL Noebels, FJ Naya, MJ Tsai, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 97 (2), 865-870, 2000
Exome sequencing of ion channel genes reveals complex profiles confounding personal risk assessment in epilepsy
T Klassen, C Davis, A Goldman, D Burgess, T Chen, D Wheeler, ...
Cell 145 (7), 1036-1048, 2011
Silent hippocampal seizures and spikes identified by foramen ovale electrodes in Alzheimer's disease
AD Lam, G Deck, A Goldman, EN Eskandar, J Noebels, AJ Cole
Nature medicine 23 (6), 678-680, 2017
Progressive ataxia, myoclonic epilepsy and cerebellar apoptosis in cystatin B-deficient mice
LA Pennacchio, DM Bouley, KM Higgins, MP Scott, JL Noebels, ...
Nature genetics 20 (3), 251-258, 1998
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