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Yoshihiro Kangawa
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A new theoretical approach to adsorption–desorption behavior of Ga on GaAs surfaces
Y Kangawa, T Ito, A Taguchi, K Shiraishi, T Ohachi
Surface science 493 (1-3), 178-181, 2001
Surface Stability and Growth Kinetics of Compound Semiconductors: An Ab Initio-Based Approach
Y Kangawa, T Akiyama, T Ito, K Shiraishi, T Nakayama
Materials 6 (8), 3309-3360, 2013
Theoretical approach to influence of As2 pressure on GaAs growth kinetics
Y Kangawa, T Ito, YS Hiraoka, A Taguchi, K Shiraishi, T Ohachi
Surface science 507, 285-289, 2002
Thermodynamical analysis of oxygen incorporation from a quartz crucible during solidification of multicrystalline silicon for solar cell
H Matsuo, RB Ganesh, S Nakano, L Liu, Y Kangawa, K Arafune, ...
Journal of Crystal Growth 310 (22), 4666-4671, 2008
Monte Carlo simulation for temperature dependence of Ga diffusion length on GaAs (0 0 1)
Y Kangawa, T Ito, A Taguchi, K Shiraishi, T Irisawa, T Ohachi
Applied surface science 190 (1-4), 517-520, 2002
Anomalous behavior of excess energy curves of InxGa1− xN grown on GaN and InN
Y Kangawa, T Ito, A Mori, A Koukitu
Journal of crystal growth 220 (4), 401-404, 2000
Hydride vapor phase epitaxy of AlN: thermodynamic analysis of aluminum source and its application to growth
Y Kumagai, T Yamane, T Miyaji, H Murakami, Y Kangawa, A Koukitu
physica status solidi (c), 2498-2501, 2003
Comprehensive Semiconductor Science and Technology
T Nakayama, Y Kangawa, K Shiraishi
Elsevier 1, 113, 2011
Thermodynamic analysis of AlGaN HVPE growth
A Koukitu, J Kikuchi, Y Kangawa, Y Kumagai
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Thermodynamic analysis of (0001) and GaN metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy
A Kusaba, Y Kangawa, P Kempisty, H Valencia, K Shiraishi, Y Kumagai, ...
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 56 (7), 070304, 2017
Novel solution growth method of bulk AlN using Al and Li3N solid sources
Y Kangawa, R Toki, T Yayama, BM Epelbaum, K Kakimoto
Applied physics express 4 (9), 095501, 2011
Theoretical study of the composition pulling effect in InGaN metalorganic vapor-phase epitaxy growth
Y Inatomi, Y Kangawa, T Ito, T Suski, Y Kumagai, K Kakimoto, A Koukitu
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 56 (7), 078003, 2017
Thermal conductivity of SiC calculated by molecular dynamics
T Kawamura, D Hori, Y Kangawa, K Kakimoto, M Yoshimura, Y Mori
Japanese journal of applied physics 47 (12R), 8898, 2008
InSb mid-infrared photon detector for room-temperature operation
K Ueno, EG Camargo, T Katsumata, H Goto, N Kuze, Y Kangawa, ...
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 52 (9R), 092202, 2013
Investigation of thermal conductivity of GaN by molecular dynamics
T Kawamura, Y Kangawa, K Kakimoto
Journal of crystal growth 284 (1-2), 197-202, 2005
Growth of GaN directly on Si (111) substrate by controlling atomic configuration of Si surface by metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy
K Takemoto, H Murakami, T Iwamoto, Y Matsuo, Y Kangawa, Y Kumagai, ...
Japanese journal of applied physics 45 (5L), L478, 2006
Thermodynamical analysis of polytype stability during PVT growth of SiC using 2D nucleation theory
T Shiramomo, B Gao, F Mercier, S Nishizawa, S Nakano, Y Kangawa, ...
Journal of crystal growth 352 (1), 177-180, 2012
First-principles calculation of 0 th-layer graphene-like growth of C on SiC (0001)
M Inoue, H Kageshima, Y Kangawa, K Kakimoto
Physical Review B 86 (8), 085417, 2012
An empirical potential approach to wurtzite–zinc blende structural stability of semiconductors
T Ito, Y Kangawa
Journal of crystal growth 235 (1-4), 149-153, 2002
Evolution of the free energy of the GaN (0001) surface based on first-principles phonon calculations
P Kempisty, Y Kangawa
Physical Review B 100 (8), 085304, 2019
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