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Recognition dynamics up to microseconds revealed from an RDC-derived ubiquitin ensemble in solution
OF Lange, NA Lakomek, C Farès, GF Schröder, KFA Walter, S Becker, ...
science 320 (5882), 1471-1475, 2008
Weak long-range correlated motions in a surface patch of ubiquitin involved in molecular recognition
RB Fenwick, S Esteban-Martín, B Richter, D Lee, KFA Walter, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (27), 10336-10339, 2011
Self-consistent residual dipolar coupling based model-free analysis for the robust determination of nanosecond to microsecond protein dynamics
NA Lakomek, KFA Walter, C Farès, OF Lange, BL de Groot, H Grubmüller, ...
Journal of biomolecular NMR 41 (3), 139, 2008
Protein conformational flexibility from structure‐free analysis of NMR dipolar couplings: quantitative and absolute determination of backbone motion in ubiquitin
L Salmon, G Bouvignies, P Markwick, N Lakomek, S Showalter, DW Li, ...
Angewandte Chemie 121 (23), 4218-4221, 2009
Bilayer in small bicelles revealed by lipid− protein interactions using NMR spectroscopy
D Lee, KFA Walter, AK Brückner, C Hilty, S Becker, C Griesinger
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (42), 13822-13823, 2008
Kinetics of conformational sampling in ubiquitin
D Ban, M Funk, R Gulich, D Egger, TM Sabo, KFA Walter, RB Fenwick, ...
Angewandte Chemie 123 (48), 11639-11642, 2011
Accessing ns–μs side chain dynamics in ubiquitin with methyl RDCs
C Fares, NA Lakomek, KFA Walter, BTC Frank, J Meiler, S Becker, ...
Journal of biomolecular NMR 45 (1-2), 23-44, 2009
Residual dipolar couplings as a tool to study molecular recognition of ubiquitin
NA Lakomek, OF Lange, KFA Walter, C Farès, D Egger, P Lunkenheimer, ...
Biochemical Society Transactions 36 (6), 1433-1437, 2008
Toward a predictive understanding of slow methyl group dynamics in proteins
D Long, DW Li, KFA Walter, C Griesinger, R Brüschweiler
Biophysical journal 101 (4), 910-915, 2011
Thermal coefficients of the methyl groups within ubiquitin
TM Sabo, D Bakhtiari, KFA Walter, RL McFeeters, K Giller, S Becker, ...
Protein Science 21 (4), 562-570, 2012
Standard tensorial analysis of local ordering in proteins from residual dipolar couplings
E Meirovitch, D Lee, KFA Walter, C Griesinger
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 116 (21), 6106-6117, 2012
Transverse relaxation-optimized HCN experiment for tautomeric states of histidine sidechains
H Schmidt, S Himmel, KFA Walter, V Klaukien, M Funk, DH Lee
Journal of the Korean Magnetic Resonance Society 12 (2), 89-95, 2008
Utilizing dipole-dipole cross-correlated relaxation for the measurement of angles between pairs of opposing CαHα-CαHα bonds in anti-parallel β-sheets
TM Sabo, V Gapsys, KFA Walter, RB Fenwick, S Becker, X Salvatella, ...
Methods 138, 85-92, 2018
Bestimmung der Dynamik von Ubiquitin in Lösung mittels orientierungsabhäniger NMR-Parameter
K Walter
Universität Göttingen Göttingen, 2007
Direct observation of correlated protein motions detected by NMR spectroscopy.
TM Sabo, RB Fenwick, KFA Walter, C Schwiegk, S Becker, X Salvatella, ...
Correlated and Further Dynamics in Proteins by NMR Spectroscopy
K Walter
Niedersächsische Staats-und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen, 2011
MPIbpc News
OF Lange, NA Lakomek, KFA Walter, S Becker, C Griesinger, ...
MPIbpc News
NA Lakomek, OF Lange, KFA Walter, H Grubmüller, S Becker, B de Groot, ...
Direct Observation of Correlated Protein Motions
TM Sabo, RB Fenwick, KFA Walter, C Schwiegk, S Becker, X Salvatella, ...
Self-consistent rdc based model free (SCRM): A method to determine sub-millisecond protein dynamics and inter-nuclear vector orientations from residual dipolar couplings
K Walter, NA Lakomek, R Brüschweiler, S Becker, J Meiler, C Griesinger
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