C.S. Lee
C.S. Lee
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Small-diameter silicon nanowire surfaces
DDD Ma, CS Lee, FCK Au, SY Tong, ST Lee
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A graphene quantum dot photodynamic therapy agent with high singlet oxygen generation
J Ge, M Lan, B Zhou, W Liu, L Guo, H Wang, Q Jia, G Niu, X Huang, ...
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Silicon nanowires prepared by laser ablation at high temperature
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Formation of silicon carbide nanotubes and nanowires via reaction of silicon (from disproportionation of silicon monoxide) with carbon nanotubes
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Bright-blue electroluminescence from a silyl-substituted ter-(phenylene–vinylene) derivative
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Oriented silicon carbide nanowires: synthesis and field emission properties
Z Pan, HL Lai, FCK Au, X Duan, W Zhou, W Shi, N Wang, CS Lee, ...
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Incorporation of Graphenes in Nanostructured TiO2 Films via Molecular Grafting for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell Application
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Large-scale rapid oxidation synthesis of SnO2 nanoribbons
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Thermally stable hole-transporting material for organic light-emitting diode: An isoindole derivative
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Nucleation and growth of Si nanowires from silicon oxide
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Thermal reduction route to the fabrication of coaxial Zn/ZnO nanocables and ZnO nanotubes
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Synthesis of uniform hexagonal prismatic ZnO whiskers
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Si nanowires grown from silicon oxide
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Well‐Aligned ZnO Nanowire Arrays Fabricated on Silicon Substrates
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Vertically aligned p-type single-crystalline GaN nanorod arrays on n-type Si for heterojunction photovoltaic cells
YB Tang, ZH Chen, HS Song, CS Lee, HT Cong, HM Cheng, WJ Zhang, ...
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Hydrogen‐assisted thermal evaporation synthesis of ZnS nanoribbons on a large scale
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High efficiency nondoped deep-blue organic light emitting devices based on imidazole-π-triphenylamine derivatives
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Silicon nanowires as chemical sensors
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Highly efficient non‐doped blue organic light‐emitting diodes based on fluorene derivatives with high thermal stability
SL Tao, ZK Peng, XH Zhang, PF Wang, CS Lee, ST Lee
Advanced Functional Materials 15 (10), 1716-1721, 2005
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