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PD Dr. Hardy Rolletschek
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ABA biosynthesis and degradation contributing to ABA homeostasis during barley seed development under control and terminal drought-stress conditions
C Seiler, VT Harshavardhan, K Rajesh, PS Reddy, M Strickert, ...
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Ectopic Expression of an Amino Acid Transporter (VfAAP1) in Seeds of Vicia narbonensis and Pea Increases Storage Proteins
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Nitrite–nitric oxide control of mitochondrial respiration at the frontier of anoxia
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Genome‐wide association mapping and biochemical markers reveal that seed ageing and longevity are intricately affected by genetic background and developmental and environmental …
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Genotype effects on internal gas gradients in apple fruit
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Journal of Experimental Botany 61 (10), 2745-2755, 2010
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