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Trends in the exploitation of novel drug targets
M Rask-Andersen, MS Almén, HB Schiöth
Nature reviews Drug discovery 10 (8), 579-590, 2011
Evolution of Darwin’s finches and their beaks revealed by genome sequencing
S Lamichhaney, J Berglund, MS Almén, K Maqbool, M Grabherr, ...
Nature 518 (7539), 371-375, 2015
Mapping the human membrane proteome: a majority of the human membrane proteins can be classified according to function and evolutionary origin
MS Almén, KJV Nordström, R Fredriksson, HB Schiöth
BMC biology 7 (1), 1-14, 2009
Acute sleep deprivation enhances the brain's response to hedonic food stimuli: an fMRI study
C Benedict, SJ Brooks, OG O'Daly, MS Almen, A Morell, K Åberg, ...
The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 97 (3), E443-E447, 2012
The origin of GPCRs: identification of mammalian like Rhodopsin, Adhesion, Glutamate and Frizzled GPCRs in fungi
A Krishnan, MS Almén, R Fredriksson, HB Schiöth
PloS one 7 (1), e29817, 2012
Genome wide analysis reveals association of a FTO gene variant with epigenetic changes
MS Almén, JA Jacobsson, G Moschonis, C Benedict, GP Chrousos, ...
Genomics 99 (3), 132-137, 2012
A beak size locus in Darwin’s finches facilitated character displacement during a drought
S Lamichhaney, F Han, J Berglund, C Wang, MS Almén, MT Webster, ...
Science 352 (6284), 470-474, 2016
Independent HHsearch, Needleman–Wunsch-based, and motif analyses reveal the overall hierarchy for most of the G protein-coupled receptor families
KJV Nordström, M Sällman Almén, MM Edstam, R Fredriksson, ...
Molecular biology and evolution 28 (9), 2471-2480, 2011
The vgll3 locus controls age at maturity in wild and domesticated Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) males
F Ayllon, E Kjærner-Semb, T Furmanek, V Wennevik, MF Solberg, ...
PLoS Genet 11 (11), e1005628, 2015
The genetic basis for ecological adaptation of the Atlantic herring revealed by genome sequencing
AM Barrio, S Lamichhaney, G Fan, N Rafati, M Pettersson, H Zhang, ...
elife 5, e12081, 2016
Many obesity-associated SNPs strongly associate with DNA methylation changes at proximal promoters and enhancers
S Voisin, MS Almén, GY Zheleznyakova, L Lundberg, S Zarei, S Castillo, ...
Genome medicine 7 (1), 1-16, 2015
The obesity gene, TMEM18, is of ancient origin, found in majority of neuronal cells in all major brain regions and associated with obesity in severely obese children
MS Almén, JA Jacobsson, JHA Shaik, PK Olszewski, J Cedernaes, J Alsiö, ...
BMC medical genetics 11 (1), 58, 2010
Genome-wide analysis reveals DNA methylation markers that vary with both age and obesity
MS Almén, EK Nilsson, JA Jacobsson, I Kalnina, J Klovins, R Fredriksson, ...
Gene 548 (1), 61-67, 2014
The dispanins: a novel gene family of ancient origin that contains 14 human members
MS Almén, N Bringeland, R Fredriksson, HB Schiöth
PloS one 7 (2), e31961, 2012
Dietary fat quality impacts genome-wide DNA methylation patterns in a cross-sectional study of Greek preadolescents
S Voisin, MS Almén, G Moschonis, GP Chrousos, Y Manios, HB Schiöth
European Journal of Human Genetics 23 (5), 654-662, 2015
Kiwi genome provides insights into evolution of a nocturnal lifestyle
D Le Duc, G Renaud, A Krishnan, MS Almén, L Huynen, SJ Prohaska, ...
Genome biology 16 (1), 147, 2015
What model organisms and interactomics can reveal about the genetics of human obesity
MJ Williams, MS Almén, R Fredriksson, HB Schiöth
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 69 (22), 3819-3834, 2012
Determination of the obesity-associated gene variants within the entire FTO gene by ultra-deep targeted sequencing in obese and lean children
MS Almén, M Rask-Andersen, JA Jacobsson, A Ameur, I Kalnina, ...
International journal of obesity 37 (3), 424-431, 2013
The fat mass and obesity gene is linked to reduced verbal fluency in overweight and obese elderly men
C Benedict, JA Jacobsson, E Rönnemaa, M Sällman–Almén, S Brooks, ...
Neurobiology of aging 32 (6), 1159. e1-1159. e5, 2011
The GPCR repertoire in the demosponge Amphimedon queenslandica: insights into the GPCR system at the early divergence of animals
A Krishnan, R Dnyansagar, MS Almén, MJ Williams, R Fredriksson, ...
BMC evolutionary biology 14 (1), 270, 2014
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