Matthias Koegl
Matthias Koegl
Lehrstuhl für technische Thermodynamik, FAU-Erlangen
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Investigation of soot formation of spark-ignited ethanol-blended gasoline sprays with single-and multi-component base fuels
M Storch, M Koegl, M Altenhoff, S Will, L Zigan
Applied Energy 181, 278-287, 2016
Comparison between two-phase and one-phase SLIPI for instantaneous imaging of transient sprays
YN Mishra, E Kristensson, M Koegl, J Jönsson, L Zigan, E Berrocal
Experiments in Fluids 58 (9), 110, 2017
Investigation of soot formation and oxidation of ethanol and butanol fuel blends in a DISI engine at different exhaust gas recirculation rates
M Koegl, B Hofbeck, S Will, L Zigan
Applied Energy 209, 426-434, 2018
Two-phase SLIPI for instantaneous LIF and Mie imaging of transient fuel sprays
M Storch, YN Mishra, M Koegl, E Kristensson, S Will, L Zigan, E Berrocal
Optics letters 41 (23), 5422-5425, 2016
Combustion and sooting behavior of spark-ignited ethanol–isooctane sprays under stratified charge conditions
M Storch, A Pfaffenberger, M Koegl, S Will, L Zigan
Energy & Fuels 30 (7), 6080-6090, 2016
Analysis of ethanol and butanol direct-injection spark-ignition sprays using two-phase structured laser illumination planar imaging droplet sizing
M Koegl, YN Mishra, M Storch, C Conrad, E Berrocal, S Will, L Zigan
International Journal of Spray and Combustion Dynamics 11, 1756827718772496, 2019
Analysis of LIF and Mie signals from single micrometric droplets for instantaneous droplet sizing in sprays
M Koegl, B Hofbeck, K Baderschneider, YN Mishra, FJT Huber, E Berrocal, ...
Optics Express 26 (24), 31750-31766, 2018
Influence of EGR and ethanol blending on soot formation in a DISI engine
M Koegl, B Hofbeck, S Will, L Zigan
Proceedings of The Combustion Institute 37 (4), 4965-4972, 2019
3D mapping of droplet Sauter mean diameter in sprays
YN Mishra, M Koegl, K Baderschneider, B Hofbeck, E Berrocal, C Conrad, ...
Applied optics 58 (14), 3775-3783, 2019
Characterization of Nile Red as a Tracer for Laser-Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Gasoline and Kerosene and Their Mixture with Biofuels
M Koegl, C Mull, K Baderschneider, J Wislicenus, S Will, L Zigan
Sensors 19 (12), 2822, 2019
Analysis of the LIF/Mie ratio from individual droplets for planar droplet sizing: Application to gasoline fuels and their mixtures with ethanol
M Koegl, K Baderschneider, FJ Bauer, B Hofbeck, E Berrocal, S Will, ...
Applied Sciences 9 (22), 4900, 2019
Investigation of Five Organic Dyes in Ethanol and Butanol for Two-Color Laser-Induced Fluorescence Ratio Thermometry
YN Mishra, A Yoganantham, M Koegl, L Zigan
Optics 1 (1), 1-17, 2020
Untersuchungen zum Einfluss von Ethanolzumischung auf die Rußbildung bei der Benzindirekteinspritzung
M Storch, M Kögl, S Will, L Zigan
10. Tagung Diesel-und Benzindirekteinspritzung 2016, 425-438, 2017
Characterization of fuel/water mixtures and emulsions with ethanol using laser-induced fluorescence
M Koegl, C Mull, YN Mishra, S Will, L Zigan
Applied Optics 59 (4), 1136-1144, 2020
Investigation of soot formation in a novel diesel fuel burner
N Palazzo, M Kögl, P Bauer, MN Mannazhi, L Zigan, FJT Huber, S Will
Energies 12 (10), 1993, 2019
Untersuchung der Rußbildung und Rußoxidation von Ethanol-und Butanolgemischen in einem Transparentmotor mit Benzindirekteinspritzung
M Kögl, B Hofbeck, S Will, L Zigan
11. Tagung Einspritzung und Kraftstoffe 2018, 79-93, 2019
journal homepage: http://www. sciencedirect. com/science/journal/03062619/181/supp/C available online at
M Storch, M Koegl, M Altenhoff, S Will, L Zigan
Applied Energy 181, 278-287, 2016
Single-Shot SLIPI-LIF/Mie Ratio for Droplet Sizing in DISI-Sprays
M Kögl, YN Mishra, M Storch, E Kristensson, S Will, L Zigan, E Berrocal
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