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Understanding our environment: an introduction to environmental chemistry and pollution
AS Tomlin, AC Skinner, HG Hewitt, JG Farmer, MC Graham, RA Allott, ...
Royal Society of chemistry, 2007
Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) discovery in mammals: a targeted‐gene approach
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S Smith, L Bernatchez, LB Beheregaray
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P Wandeler, S Smith, PA Morin, RA Pettifor, SM Funk
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Introducing mother’s curse: low male fertility associated with an imported mtDNA haplotype in a captive colony of brown hares
S Smith, C Turbill, F Suchentrunk
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S Smith, L Vigilant, PA Morin
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D Aydinonat, DJ Penn, S Smith, Y Moodley, F Hoelzl, F Knauer, ...
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C Turbill, S Smith, C Deimel, T Ruf
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S Smith, J Hughes, G Wardell-Johnson
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F Hoelzl, JS Cornils, S Smith, Y Moodley, T Ruf
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Seasonal variation in telomere length of a hibernating rodent
C Turbill, T Ruf, S Smith, C Bieber
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The adaptive potential of subtropical rainbowfish in the face of climate change: Heritability and heritable plasticity for the expression of candidate genes
RJS McCairns, S Smith, M Sasaki, L Bernatchez, LB Beheregaray
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S Smith, C Turbill, DJ Penn
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Sex-specific selection for MHC variability in Alpine chamois
H Schaschl, F Suchentrunk, DL Morris, HB Slimen, S Smith, W Arnold
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Microsatellite and mitochondrial DNA variation defines island genetic reservoirs for reintroductions of an endangered Australian marsupial, Perameles bougainville
S Smith, J Hughes
Conservation Genetics 9 (3), 547, 2008
Telomeres are elongated in older individuals in a hibernating rodent, the edible dormouse (Glis glis)
F Hoelzl, S Smith, JS Cornils, D Aydinonat, C Bieber, T Ruf
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Homozygosity at a class II MHC locus depresses female reproductive ability in European brown hares
S Smith, T Mang, JG de Bellocq, H Schaschl, C Zeitlhofer, K Hacklaender, ...
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Evolutionary genetics of MHC class II beta genes in the brown hare, Lepus europaeus
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Faecal DNA analysis enables genetic monitoring of the species recovery program for an arid-dwelling marsupial
S Smith, P McRae, J Hughes
Australian Journal of Zoology 57 (2), 139-148, 2009
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