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Synthesis of glycopolymers and their multivalent recognitions with lectins
SRS Ting, G Chen, MH Stenzel
Polymer Chemistry 1 (9), 1392-1412, 2010
Site-directed conjugation of “clicked” glycopolymers to form glycoprotein mimics: binding to mammalian lectin and induction of immunological function
J Geng, G Mantovani, L Tao, J Nicolas, G Chen, R Wallis, DA Mitchell, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 129 (49), 15156-15163, 2007
Blood compatible materials: state of the art
X Liu, L Yuan, D Li, Z Tang, Y Wang, G Chen, H Chen, JL Brash
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2 (35), 5718-5738, 2014
Thiol–yne and thiol–ene “click” chemistry as a tool for a variety of platinum drug delivery carriers, from statistical copolymers to crosslinked micelles
VT Huynh, G Chen, P Souza, MH Stenzel
Biomacromolecules 12 (5), 1738-1751, 2011
Synthesis of hemoglobin conjugated polymeric micelle: a ZnPc carrier with oxygen self-compensating ability for photodynamic therapy
S Wang, F Yuan, K Chen, G Chen, K Tu, H Wang, LQ Wang
Biomacromolecules 16 (9), 2693-2700, 2015
Synthesis of thiol-linked neoglycopolymers and thermo-responsive glycomicelles as potential drug carrier
G Chen, S Amajjahe, MH Stenzel
Chemical communications, 1198-1200, 2009
Synthesis of azide/alkyne-terminal polymers and application for surface functionalisation through a [2+ 3] Huisgen cycloaddition process,“click chemistry”
G Chen, L Tao, G Mantovani, V Ladmiral, DP Burt, JV Macpherson, ...
Soft Matter 3 (6), 732-739, 2007
A modular click approach to glycosylated polymeric beads: design, synthesis and preliminary lectin recognition studies
G Chen, L Tao, G Mantovani, J Geng, D Nyström, DM Haddleton
Macromolecules 40 (21), 7513-7520, 2007
Efficient synthesis of dendrimers via a thiol–yne and esterification process and their potential application in the delivery of platinum anti-cancer drugs
G Chen, J Kumar, A Gregory, MH Stenzel
Chemical communications, 6291-6293, 2009
Glycopolymer-based nanoparticles: synthesis and application
X Li, G Chen
Polymer Chemistry 6 (9), 1417-1430, 2015
Synthesis and lectin recognition of glyco star polymers prepared by “clicking” thiocarbohydrates onto a reactive scaffold
Y Chen, G Chen, MH Stenzel
Macromolecules 43 (19), 8109-8114, 2010
Reversible addition–fragmentation chain transfer polymerization of glycidyl methacrylate with 2‐cyanoprop‐2‐yl 1‐dithionaphthalate as a chain‐transfer agent
J Zhu, D Zhou, X Zhu, G Chen
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry 42 (10), 2558-2565, 2004
Neoglycopolymers Based on 4‐Vinyl‐1, 2, 3‐Triazole Monomers Prepared by Click Chemistry
M Hetzer, G Chen, C Barner‐Kowollik, MH Stenzel
Macromolecular bioscience 10 (2), 119-126, 2010
Natural RAFT polymerization: recyclable-catalyst-aided, opened-to-Air, and sunlight-photolyzed RAFT polymerizations
J Wang, M Rivero, A Munoz Bonilla, J Sanchez-Marcos, W Xue, G Chen, ...
ACS Macro Letters 5 (11), 1278-1282, 2016
Well‐Defined Poly (N‐glycosyl 1, 2, 3‐triazole) Multivalent Ligands: Design, Synthesis and Lectin Binding Studies
J Geng, J Lindqvist, G Mantovani, G Chen, CT Sayers, GJ Clarkson, ...
Qsar & Combinatorial Science 26 (11‐12), 1220-1228, 2007
Macromolecular Cobalt Carbonyl Complexes Encapsulated in a Click-Cross-Linked Micelle Structure as a Nanoparticle To Deliver Cobalt Pharmaceuticals
ABJ Withey, G Chen, TLU Nguyen, MH Stenzel
Biomacromolecules 10 (12), 3215-3226, 2009
Synthesis of thermo-responsive glycopolymers via copper catalysed azide–alkyne ‘click’chemistry for inhibition of ricin: the effect of spacer between polymer backbone and galactose
J Kumar, L McDowall, G Chen, MH Stenzel
Polymer Chemistry 2 (8), 1879-1886, 2011
Plasma‐Initiated Controlled/Living Radical Polymerization of Methyl Methacrylate in the Presence of 2‐Cyanoprop‐2‐yl 1‐dithionaphthalate (CPDN)
G Chen, X Zhu, J Zhu, Z Cheng
Macromolecular rapid communications 25 (7), 818-824, 2004
Bioinspired Blood Compatible Surface Having Combined Fibrinolytic and Vascular Endothelium‐Like Properties via a Sequential Coimmobilization Strategy
W Zhan, X Shi, Q Yu, Z Lyu, L Cao, H Du, Q Liu, X Wang, G Chen, D Li, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 25 (32), 5206-5213, 2015
Modification of multi-wall carbon nanotube surfaces with poly (amidoamine) dendrons: synthesis and metal templating
L Tao, G Chen, G Mantovani, S York, DM Haddleton
Chemical communications, 4949-4951, 2006
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