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A canine distemper virus epidemic in Serengeti lions (Panthera leo)
ME Roelke-Parker, L Munson, C Packer, R Kock, S Cleaveland, ...
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Membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis type II (dense deposit disease): an update
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In-depth analysis of the membrane and cytosolic proteome of red blood cells
EM Pasini, M Kirkegaard, P Mortensen, HU Lutz, AW Thomas, M Mann
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Release of spectrin-free vesicles from human erythrocytes during ATP depletion: 1. characterization of spectrin-free vesicles
HU Lutz, SC Liu, J Palek
The Journal of cell biology 73 (3), 548-560, 1977
Nitric oxide prevents cardiovascular disease and determines survival in polyglobulic mice overexpressing erythropoietin
FT Ruschitzka, RH Wenger, T Stallmach, T Quaschning, C De Wit, ...
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New approaches to the treatment of dense deposit disease
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Quantitative real-time PCR for the measurement of feline cytokine mRNA
CM Leutenegger, CN Mislin, B Sigrist, MU Ehrengruber, ...
Veterinary immunology and immunopathology 71 (3-4), 291-305, 1999
Naturally occurring anti-band-3 antibodies and complement together mediate phagocytosis of oxidatively stressed human erythrocytes
HU Lutz, F Bussolino, R Flepp, S Fasler, P Stammler, MD Kazatchkine, ...
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Progressive immune dysfunction in cats experimentally infected with feline immunodeficiency virus.
M Torten, M Franchini, JE Barlough, JW George, E Mozes, H Lutz, ...
Journal of virology 65 (5), 2225-2230, 1991
Prevalence, risk factor analysis, and follow-up of infections caused by three feline hemoplasma species in cats in Switzerland
B Willi, FS Boretti, C Baumgartner, S Tasker, B Wenger, V Cattori, ML Meli, ...
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Viruses of the Serengeti: patterns of infection and mortality in African lions
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Identification, molecular characterization, and experimental transmission of a new hemoplasma isolate from a cat with hemolytic anemia in Switzerland
B Willi, FS Boretti, V Cattori, S Tasker, ML Meli, C Reusch, H Lutz, ...
Journal of Clinical Microbiology 43 (6), 2581-2585, 2005
Sensitive and robust one-tube real-time reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction to quantify SIV RNA load: comparison of one-versus two-enzyme systems
R Hofmann-Lehmann, RK Swenerton, V Liska, CM Leutenegger, H Lutz, ...
AIDS research and human retroviruses 16 (13), 1247-1257, 2000
Sequence analysis of the msp4 gene of Anaplasma phagocytophilum strains
J De La Fuente, RF Massung, SJ Wong, FK Chu, H Lutz, M Meli, ...
Journal of clinical microbiology 43 (3), 1309-1317, 2005
Specific lgG1 and lgG2 antibody responses of dogs to Leishmania infantum and other parasites
P Deplazes, NC Smith, P Arnold, H Lutz, J Eckert
Parasite immunology 17 (9), 451-458, 1995
Feline infectious peritonitis. ABCD guidelines on prevention and management
D Addie, S Belák, C Boucraut-Baralon, H Egberink, T Frymus, ...
Journal of Feline Medicine & Surgery 11 (7), 594-604, 2009
Phylogenetic analysis and reclassification of caprine and ovine lentiviruses based on 104 new isolates: evidence for regular sheep-to-goat transmission and worldwide …
C Shah, J Böni, JB Huder, HR Vogt, J Mühlherr, R Zanoni, R Miserez, ...
Virology 319 (1), 12-26, 2004
One-tube fluorogenic reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction for the quantitation of feline coronaviruses
M Gut, CM Leutenegger, JB Huder, NC Pedersen, H Lutz
Journal of virological methods 77 (1), 37-46, 1999
Comparison of different tests to diagnose feline infectious peritonitis
K Hartmann, C Binder, J Hirschberger, D Cole, M Reinacher, S Schroo, ...
Journal of veterinary internal medicine 17 (6), 781-790, 2003
Monovalent cation leaks in human red cells caused by single amino-acid substitutions in the transport domain of the band 3 chloride-bicarbonate exchanger, AE1
LJ Bruce, HC Robinson, H Guizouarn, F Borgese, P Harrison, MJ King, ...
Nature genetics 37 (11), 1258, 2005
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