Rhainer Guillermo Ferreira
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The Odonata community of a Brazilian vereda: seasonal patterns, species diversity and rarity in a palm swamp environment
DS Vilela, RG Ferreira, K Del-Claro
Biosci. j.(Online), 486-495, 2016
The role of wing pigmentation, UV and fluorescence as signals in a neotropical damselfly
R Guillermo-Ferreira, EM Therézio, MH Gehlen, PC Bispo, A Marletta
Journal of insect behavior 27, 67-80, 2014
Mechanism of the wing colouration in the dragonfly Zenithoptera lanei (Odonata: Libellulidae) and its role in intraspecific communication
R Guillermo-Ferreira, PC Bispo, E Appel, A Kovalev, SN Gorb
Journal of insect physiology 81, 129-136, 2015
Oviposition site selection in Oxyagrion microstigma Selys, 1876 (Odonata: Coenagrionidae) is related to aquatic vegetation structure
R Guillermo-Ferreira, K Del-Claro
International Journal of Odonatology 14 (3), 275-279, 2011
Ants Visiting the Post-Floral Secretions of Pericarpial Nectaries in Palicourea rigida (Rubiaceae) Provide Protection Against Leaf Herbivores But Not Against Seed Parasites
K Del-Claro, R Guillermo-Ferreira, EM Almeida, H Zardini, ...
Sociobiology 60 (3), 217-221, 2013
Resource defense polygyny by Hetaerina rosea Selys (Odonata: Calopterygidae): influence of age and wing pigmentation
R Guillermo-Ferreira, K Del-Claro
Neotropical entomology 40, 78-84, 2011
Recent and future environmental suitability to dengue fever in Brazil using species distribution model
R Cardoso-Leite, AC Vilarinho, MC Novaes, AF Tonetto, GC Vilardi, ...
Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 108 (2 …, 2014
Variable assessment of wing colouration in aerial contests of the red-winged damselfly Mnesarete pudica (Zygoptera, Calopterygidae)
R Guillermo-Ferreira, SN Gorb, E Appel, A Kovalev, PC Bispo
The Science of Nature 102, 1-10, 2015
Egg‐laying traits reflect shifts in dragonfly assemblages in response to different amount of tropical forest cover
ME Rodrigues, FDO Roque, R Guillermo‐Ferreira, VS Saito, MJ Samways
Insect Conservation and Diversity 12 (3), 231-240, 2019
Territoriality and male-biased sexual size dimorphism in Argia reclusa (Odonata: Zygoptera)
R Guillermo-Ferreira, K Del-Claro
Acta ethologica 15, 101-105, 2012
Impact of environmental changes on the behavioral diversity of the Odonata (Insecta) in the Amazon
Scientific Reports 11, 9742, 2021
Sampling methods for dragonflies and damselflies
RR Cezário, P Pena Firme, GC Pestana, DS Vilela, L Juen, ...
Measuring arthropod biodiversity: A handbook of sampling methods, 223-240, 2021
Allometry for sexual size dimorphism in stoneflies defies the Rensch’s rule
R Guillermo-Ferreira, MC Novaes, LS Lecci, PC Bispo
Neotropical entomology 43, 172-175, 2014
Colours of war: visual signals may influence the outcome of territorial contests in the tiger damselfly, Tigriagrion aurantinigrum
DS Vilela, TAA Tosta, RR Rodrigues, K Del-Claro, R Guillermo-Ferreira
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 121 (4), 786-795, 2017
Male and female interactions during courtship of the Neotropical damselfly Mnesarete pudica (Odonata: Calopterygidae)
R Guillermo-Ferreira, PC Bispo
Acta ethologica 15, 173-178, 2012
Dragonflies and damselflies from the West of Minas Gerais, Brazil: checklist and new records
DS Vilela, R Koroiva, THA Tosta, MC Novaes, R Guillermo-Ferreira
Biota neotropica 20, e20190851, 2020
Structural coloration predicts the outcome of male contests in the Amazonian damselfly Chalcopteryx scintillans (Odonata: Polythoridae)
R Guillermo-Ferreira, PC Bispo, E Appel, A Kovalev, SN Gorb
Arthropod structure & development 53, 100884, 2019
Erythrodiplax ana sp. nov.(Odonata: Libellulidae) from Brazilian palm swamps
R Guillermo-Ferreira, DS Vilela, K Del-Claro, PC Bispo
Zootaxa 4158 (2), 292-300, 2016
Dragon colors: the nature and function of Odonata (dragonfly and damselfly) coloration
C Suárez-Tovar, R Guillermo-Ferreira, I Cooper, R Cezário, ...
Journal of Zoology 1 (1), 1, 2022
Color lightness of velvet ants (Hymenoptera: Mutillidae) follows an environmental gradient
VM Lopez, TAA Tosta, GG da Silva, PR Bartholomay, KA Williams, ...
Journal of Thermal Biology 100, 103030, 2021
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