Suzanne Dikker
Suzanne Dikker
Research Scientist, New York University Department of Psychology
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Early occipital sensitivity to syntactic category is based on form typicality
S Dikker, H Rabagliati, TA Farmer, L Pylkkänen
Psychological Science 21 (5), 629-634, 2010
Brain-to-brain synchrony tracks real-world dynamic group interactions in the classroom
S Dikker, L Wan, I Davidesco, L Kaggen, M Oostrik, J McClintock, ...
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Sensitivity to syntax in visual cortex
S Dikker, H Rabagliati, L Pylkkänen
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Predicting language: MEG evidence for lexical preactivation
S Dikker, L Pylkkänen
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Before the N400: Effects of lexical–semantic violations in visual cortex
S Dikker, L Pylkkanen
Brain and Language 118 (1-2), 23-28, 2011
On the same wavelength: predictable language enhances speaker–listener brain-to-brain synchrony in posterior superior temporal gyrus
S Dikker, LJ Silbert, U Hasson, JD Zevin
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Brain-to-brain synchrony and learning outcomes vary by student–teacher dynamics: Evidence from a real-world classroom electroencephalography study
D Bevilacqua, I Davidesco, L Wan, K Chaloner, J Rowland, M Ding, ...
Journal of cognitive neuroscience 31 (3), 401-411, 2019
Are we ready for real-world neuroscience?
PJ Matusz, S Dikker, AG Huth, C Perrodin
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 31 (3), 327-338, 2019
Spanish prepositions in Media Lengua: redefining relexification
S Dikker
Empirical Approaches to Language Typology 39, 121, 2008
On the presence versus absence of morphological marking in four Romance-based creoles
J Arends, J Verhagen, E van Lier, S Dikker, H Cardoso
The structure of Creole words: Segmental, syllabic and morphological aspects …, 2006
Measuring the magic of mutual gaze
S Dikker, M Oostrik
Leonardo 47 (5), 431-431, 2014
Instructor-learner brain coupling discriminates between instructional approaches and predicts learning
Y Pan, S Dikker, P Goldstein, Y Zhu, C Yang, Y Hu
Neuroimage 211, 116657, 2020
Brain-to-brain synchrony predicts long-term memory retention more accurately than individual brain measures
I Davidesco, E Laurent, H Valk, T West, S Dikker, C Milne, D Poeppel
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The interplay between syntactic and conceptual information: agreement domains in FDG
S Dikker, E Van Lier
Studies in Functional Discourse Grammar 26, 83, 2005
Using synchrony-based neurofeedback in search of human connectedness
S Dikker, S Montgomery, S Tunca
Brain Art, 161-206, 2019
Predicting and parsing language in time and space
S Dikker
Unpublished doctoral dissertation, 2010
Sensitivity to syntax in visual cortex: The role of form typicality
S Dikker, H Rabagliati, TA Farmer, L Pylkkänen
The 22nd Annual CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing, Davis, CA, 2009
Fine-graining structure prediction in sentence processing: How language mixing reveals an economic parser
S Dikker, P Indefrey
20th Annual CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing, La Jolla, CA, 2007
Increased eye contact during parent-child versus clinician-child interactions in young children with autism
EL Ajodan, E Clark-Whitney, B Silver, MR Silverman, A Southerland, ...
PsyArXiv, 2019
Crowdsourcing neuroscience: inter-brain coupling during face-to-face interactions outside the laboratory
S Dikker, G Michalareas, M Oostrik, A Serafimaki, HM Kahraman, ...
bioRxiv, 822320, 2019
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